Next 120,000 ban when?

It’s honestly embarrassing that the ban seems to not even be noticeable and while blizz is patting themselves on the back for the ban, they should be embarrassed that it was able to get to that point in the first place.

We’re back to bgs with 80% bots and for the first time I’ve seen bots in wintergrasp now.


This wont stop until GDKPs are banned.


Why are people botting BGs with DKs? WG makes sense. They probably just farm and afk. But what are they doing in BGs? Are they using honor to buy gems? Or are they people who had their accounts boosted? If they are boosters, why DKs? Wouldn’t you boost a class that wasn’t as prevalent?

Yeah the bots in 80 bgs are buying gems. 10k honor each.

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Leveling to 80 so they can then farm gold for their main to use in GDKPs (or to sell it to GDKPers via RMT).

I mean, all you need to do is /who 80 death knight at any given time.

Past few weeks isn’t a specific time frame, but I doubt it goes back as far as the other guy said. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Sure it will.

Or launder via AH which has been a problem since vanilla.

Problem is they already had 400k DK bot accounts made before the change to creation rules
So there is another 6-8 months before they start doing druids.

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6 months. It’s always about 6 months.

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