[NEWS] WoW Classic: Zul’Gurub and More Now Available!

Can you guys hire some competent network engineers?
The release of this new content was done with no planning or thought, and now all your customers are paying the price.

How do you expect anyone to invest in future games and content, when you disregard the user experience so highly.

How can you take peoples money, and provide such a bad user experience?


yes layers now please

Why do I feel like I was trolled by Blizz? I waited over an hour for that stupid dragon. I could’ve been ranking.

Transferred to Earthfury to escape queues.

Earthfury (as of today) now has a 45 min queue…tf Blizzard. Really?

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Queues released! Enjoy everyone!

One day blizzard will figure out that if you cant get in, you cant enjoy the game.

FTR I am not in queue. :slight_smile:


I would rather they instead manually boot those obviously running into walls to stay online while AFK.

OR just ban some of those bots that have been reported? 3 mages farming the north cresting guys, all bots. Killed them each 10+ times just while farming.

An infinite amount of lvling bots on every damn server. $15 a month to ruin a game, is that all they care about? (obviously a yes)

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Thanks for dropping this during a time when queues were already getting out of hand. Pay 15 dollars a month for a game where I have to wait 3 hours to get into the game. Why am I paying 15 bucks if I end up stuck waiting for a queue? I thought maybe the “new Blizzard” wouldn’t mess up WoW Classic cause the content is already there. What is there to ruin? I was wrong. Now I’m worried for any new content for WoW Classic by this current regime of Blizzard who has strayed so far from the original companies image it is Blizzard in name only.

If you ask me they should look into giving people a free month in the wake of all these queues as people are paying Blizzard to end up waiting to play more often than playing.

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Zul’Gurub is BiS wallpaper.


Ahhh eyeeup, Arugal was easy to log onto and made it into the instance roughly one minute past the hour. Cheers.

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Perks of playing on a dead server

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Shut up, Andy!

Why are 1.11 Naxx patch items being released in ZG’s loot tables? We shouldn’t be seeing Rings of the Gurubashi Berserker or Servitude nor should we be seeing much of the shared boss loot like Sacrificial Gauntlets as these were added with Naxx.

Additionally, Hakkari Idols came in with Naxx, why are we getting these instead of the original enchant quests?

Does this also mean Brilliant Mana and Wizard Oils are suppose to be available now even though they don’t come until AQ? Will Savage Guard be available?

Why not just release all of the catch up items added in later patches along with idols and librams at this point if were just doing a random assortment of grabbag patch item releases.

Going forward is this also going to mean that all of the crafted NR gear that wasn’t added until later will be available with AQ? Will we be able to acquire the Nature Resist rings from Silithus Dukes even though those are also not added until later?

I logged in 4 hours before my guilds raid to do ZG and was in que for 360 minutes got disconnected 3 times maybe ill see what the raid is like today if i try 6 hours before raid.

Was the edge of madness boss rotation really changed to a one week rotation from the two week rotation that existed in vanilla?

Not until AQ 20 opens up.

I have been enjoying myself on Grobbulus (Classic, I just posted on a retail toon) since Whitemane has 5 hour Ques daily due to COVID. Now, however, with the release of ZG, even Grobbulus has a Que. I am really surprised that Blizzard decided to release ZG before addressing the Q issue. Simply giving people free character transfers on Whitemane hasn’t helped. I honestly feel like all players should get 1 month free, out of convenience for the ridiculous amount of time we spend in Q. I would definitely appreciate more communication on behalf of Blizzard regarding how the Q issue is going to be addressed. If Blizzard continues to let servers have 5 hour long Q’s, I think people are gonna start playing a different game altogether. Not everyone is able to log in at 11am to avoid waiting 5 hours in Q. Yes, the mobile login helps, but the least Blizz could do right now is give us all 1 month free, and bring the Q time issue to the forefront. Again, free character transfers did not solve the problem. I wouldn’t have minded waiting longer for ZG release. Evidently it made Q’s so long that my guild was unable to raid BWL yesterday. Can we please get some action on the Q times? Thank you!!

Add layering, please, and give people some free time once there’s more room on the servers?

What’s a queue?

No. Get rid of all of the players/characters that are on wall-running garbage to remain online while not playing. Do that and the vast majority of queues, cues, ques, Qs, will plummet.

We had the same issue with players using artificial means to remain logged in while not playing at release. That crap needs to be severely dealt with.

What Day and Oceanic Realm time does the STV fishing event start on oceanic Servers?