[News] WoW Classic: Class Quests and New Reputation Rewards

Eternal Quintessence should also be available once the update goes live at 3.

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Probably for the same reason Warsong Exalted legs are out now instead of Naxx.

I’m not mad about it. Not sure why anyone would be over cheaper GFPPs. Having transmute release when we’re past the content that requires them in the first place was always super dumb.


Can you confirm 100% that Recipes : Transmute Elemental Fire is going to be available today? :slight_smile:

Warlock trinket should honestly be a free doomguard, none of these rewards are any good and Warrior gets diamond flask

The ‘full list’ on wowhead doesn’t include several of the items listed on the original post - for example WSG pants and transmute elemental fire.

Is wowhead incomplete, is the official post inaccurate, or can we assume all of the above items will be available?

Alas, that was listed in error. :frowning: I’ve removed it. It would go in with AQ. Apologies for the confusion.


Is this the same with Warsong pants?


Thanks for confirming before I spent a lot of time getting Friendly with TBH :slight_smile:

So, why aren’t Flarecore recipes in? They released with BWL back in Vanilla. Also, no Nightfall recipe as well? Also released in 1.6 back in Vanilla, it was simply a different version (-resistances vs the %dmg that we saw in 1.10)

They’re there. You have to scroll right. Your phone screen is too small for the terrible formatting of their website. Also the “full list” is linked to the wowhead page. Nightfall is listed.

They also had incorrect information posted until a few minutes ago like transmute fire (heart to 3x elemental). Get your act together, blizz.

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Ahaha, wow. Yea…you aren’t kidding. The site is crap on mobile :frowning:

Errors happen. I’ve corrected it. Thanks for the spot goes to Shadewalker.

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I am sure the Warsong pants will not be out yet either.

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WSG Exalted pants are… well I mean I’ll happily go for them if they’re available now but I thought these were final phase?

They are listed on the blizard site, but not of the full wowhead list.

@nethaera I hope they correct their site. I was like did i F up and take the grind in a more relaxxed fasion than i should have :(.

What about Don Rodrigo’s Band? When will that be made available?

PLS Blazzard dont play with my heart, wsg pants or no

I’ll keep an eye on things and make sure we correct anything that crops up. As always, there’s a lot of shifting parts involved. :pleading_face:


No worries! Thanks!

The difference of the tone here and the tone of the classic druid tank discord is chefs kiss

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