[News] Weekly Bonus Event: Mists of Pandaria Timewalking

Travel back in time to the Mists of Pandaria dungeons in this week’s Bonus Event.

Players level 91 and over will be able to venture into six of Mists of Pandaria’s storied dungeons to reap new rewards all week during this Bonus Event. Simply open the Group Finder (default hotkey: “I”) and then select Dungeon Finder and Timewalking in the “Type” dropdown menu. Selecting “Find Group” will match you with other players and send you to one of the following Heroic Dungeons.

  • Temple of the Jade Serpent
  • Stormstout Brewery
  • Shado-Pan Monastery
  • Mogu’shan Palace
  • Siege of Niuzao Temple
  • Gate of the Setting Sun

Learn more in our article.

Plan to do some Timewalking? Discuss it here.


Odd question but did you guys adjust the end-of-dungeon experience turnout? With maxed-out heirlooms, Darkmoon Carousel, Draught of Ten Lands, and Winds of Wisdom buffs, I was only getting a little around half a level per run, and I definitely recall it being much more with only heirlooms active previously. Is this intentional? Is the Winds of Wisdom buff not applied to Timewalking for some reason?


I wish Scarlet Monastery was part of the timewalking TBH


That’s disappointing to hear. I hate the MoP dungeons anyway ESPECIALLY Siege of Niuzao and Gate…god I hate those so much…


I’ve never gotten any decent XP out of Timewalking since probably Legion.

I’d rather just give you hugs. Miss you, Neth! :smiley:

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In Legion it wasn’t anything worth mentioning, but circa 8.1 they became super lucarative, giving around a level per run without heirlooms or anything. Seems something tripped and now they’re back to not being that good again sadly.

I agree with this. I ran one dungeon in the last TW event on my 115.5 level DK and he barely broke 116 and I said nah not worth it.

That feeling where the moment you get loot drop it’s either a necklace, helm, chest, shoulders or cloak :cry:

Can they…can they add more dungeons please? To the roster? I be saying this every timewalking event. Please and thank you. :turtle: :two_hearts:

Oh and I am loving this new idea of opening more raids to timewalking. Yeeeaaa ~

4500 badges for the mount in a week? Is that even possible? I really don’t wanna strive for it and be disappointed if I’m short after grinding hard…that’s over 200 dungeons in a week if my math is correct…am I missing anything?

Oh good you’re back, that Blizzard Bot was creepy.

Green Jade Serpent is pretty amazing.


I’d recommend you simply accumulate the badges until you can buy the mount you want. The first dungeon you do during a TW’ing event drops a little quest item you turn in for 500 badges. Each boss in a TW’ing dungeon drops 5 badges, with the final boss dropping 10.

TW’ing comes around every 3-4 weeks I believe (you can see them in the in game calendar). Each TW’ing event sells a different mount for 5,000 badges (Cataclysm TW’ing does not have a mount, and WoD has two!). I’d recommend you look up the mount(s) you like the most from TW’ing and save up for those.

In theory, you could spam the dungeons until you have enough for the mount or just wait for next time. If you do all of the one time turn in quests that reward 500 badges between now and the next MoP TW’ing, you’d have 3,000 + a few extra from boss drops. Spam a few extra dungeons during each event and you should be decently close.

Weird thing is I do not see the option in the Dungeon/Raid finder. Level 110 Shadow Priest and Level 120 Druid.

This is my first time doing Timewalking in BFA. Something is definitely not scaling properly. I was scaled down to Item lvl 116 (From 435) and the gear that was dropping in the dungeon was showing me 149 and 235 in the chat but when I looked at it in my inventory it was showing 116. If I check the adventure guide from Mist of Pandaria, it also shows the gear dropping from the original heroic dungeon at 149. Everything takes forever to kill, I’d say about twice as long as it took when I stopped playing in Legion. Is this a bug? It’s definitely not fun, was really looking forward to this event…

I got more than that once when I was chain running them while trying to obtain the infinite timereaver. After killing more than 5,000 bosses over several tw events I got burnt out and gave up.

I’m on my level 94 DK and I don’t have a timewalking option on my dungeons :confused: What’s up with that?

Something that helps is the first TW dungeon you do for the weekly event gives you a quest item worth 500 badges.