[News] The Darkmoon Faire is Coming to WoW Classic

This needs an answer

“While there are no guards to stop you from traveling through the portal…”

I don’t remember accessing the faire by portal/instance back in Vanilla. Thought this was added later.


DMF was not instanced in vanilla.


So horde get to go into BWL with a 10% damage buff week 1?


Figured it would be.

So DMF is instanced? No PvP? Well that’s good it’s in Mulgore first and instanced or else more premade talk from the “PvP Faction” would get launched and Alliance wouldn’t get DMF.


And so it begins. wpvp intensifies.

Guys, stop freaking out about portals in Darkmoon Faire. This is still a #nochanges game… only #surgicaladjustments.

Oh, and Alliance had it first originally in Vanilla, so it’s only fair they change adjust that too.

Oh and it was supposed to come out today, but they changed adjusted that too.

#indiecompany #smallbudget #technology-isnt-there-yet


It sounds like it’s instanced so no PvP.

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Wait wut? No destination to travel to?

It being in Mulgore doesnt stop Alliance from accessing it. The good guilds will still manage.


i’m SHOCKED i tell you, SHOCKED.

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This is a post not about how they made AV equal between the two factions, can you stop crying you cant premade AV anymore just like horde from the start?

meanwhile, every guildless green geared clown on horde will just be able to stroll in uncontested.


Join a good guild and you will be good… Tailoring to solo players is the reason retail is the mess it is today.


Honestly I’m surprised they didn’t move Alliance DMF to Red Ridge, close to the Searing Gorge. Seems like it would fit Blizzard logic.


This is exactly what they did with the AV fix.

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i dunno, seems pretty tailored to horde solo players from the looks of it.


They’ll have to fight through a sea of Horde, even if they manage it any small group can at least strip a handful of DMTs with ease.

Meanwhile- Horde get ez mode DM Faire and WC Blessing going into first week BWL. It’s an absolute joke- but nobody’s really surprised, this is the Blizzard that proudly admits all their devs are Horde lovers and Alliance haters.


what would alliance have complained about if it was in goldshire first?

“cry cry, we cant make pre-mades anymore in AV just like the horde from day one”

“cry cry, the fair isn’t right next to us and tailoring to alliance”

whats next?

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this is rich coming from someone on a server with a 2:1 horde population advantage.

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Your victim complex is showing. I’d imagine they’re doing it because the very first one was alliance and the idea is to rotate it, but im just someone who tries to think logically.