[News] Return to Azeroth: Catching Up at 120

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How conveniently you ignore how pathfinder will affect a new or returning player’s progress in catching up.


Things that I said nowhere, exhibit B.

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Deception by omission.

Absolutely, I agree with you 100%.

Of course you will.


Not every one that returns needs to do heroic or mythic raiding, some people are casual and LFR or Normal is enough for them. Stop trying so hard.


What you’re saying seems to be is that it’s fine, because nobody really needs essences, good gear, corruptions, etc.

It’s true that they don’t. They don’t even need to play the game.

The article is intended for people who want to catch up in order to play the game competitively, not for people who will never get past world quests.

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I mean, you could maybe kill N’zoth in LFR/normal without essences or decent gear. But if you’d like to do more than LFR/normal, you need them.

I honestly just care about sims and dungeon parse so much because it’s literally how i pay the ridicolous 140k-180k subs a month. That’s 140-200 dungeons a month. There is almost no farmable content in BFA. There is no mote of fire to grind, herbs in nazjatar are depleted, the 7k a week from old raids over 70-90 minutes is already meager and out of the way. Or grinding and unenjoyable.

So i… kinda like money, and i kinda like speedrunning… so. i thought, “Speedrunning dungeons for gold is the one thing i enjoy and never get bored of, and this way i can learn the dungeons too!”

So no one really talks in them… i try but emm… everyone’s a mute.


Yeah quick dungeon.

Ask if they like cats or dogs.

Trade spare drops.

Go back to help people and click on map and show skips i do for farming.

Fair mix of praise and more plzs and hate mail.

So yeah.

I need tokens to pay my sub.

Have you tried running 200 dungeons at 30 minutes a dungeon the slow way for 100 hours every 30 days while having irl employment?

There is no way to make that fit and have a life.

So i speedrun em.

And it’s fun.

But it’s pretty obvious to see that gearing and returning players hit a really quick wall at maybe 20-25k dps top in low ilvl gear and no essence traits and squishiness learning mechanics for the first time and we all did when we were learning.

Keeping them timegated makes it harder for them to catch up. And sometimes the difference between r2 and r3 can literally be a +70% dps difference that multiplies 4 times. And also being unable to equip azerite traits and neck slots.

Imo it could be really good to let them earn ap earlier on and maybe get the starting neck line baseline without it and make the war campaign no longer required for world quests and also having some sort of ingame guide. Like say the adventure guide. Have it say list a zone of way to gear, and list procs per minute for essences and azerite traits so it can be more new player friendly within the game?

Is it possible to stay on topic here?


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You could hotfix the BFA Assaults to give level scaled gear for characters below 120. Those 370 rewards at 120 are just disenchant/scrap fodder anyway at this point, rework them to actually give equipment reward to lower levels. Take off the World Quest requirement so new players can do them too.

You talk a lot like my roommate. I’d say you were them but they hate world of warcraft.

Prove intent. You can’t. Stop trying to be an armchair lawyer. Your bad at it.

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yah its like a mobile game nowdays. all this random bullcrap you get thrown at you that is in no way immersive to a world at war with you going through it. gearing is in the hands of raiderio its not even in blizzards hands anymore. pvp is dead no point to turn on warmode if given the option of not being ganked unless youre doing so to join a gank squad. pvp gearing is gone and whats left is garbage and gated.

Bottom line mistakes in game design happened this x-pack. Things like the neck and cloak should just be account bound. Nobody wants to regrind those things (even with the new system) I look at my alts and go … I just can’t do this again. The content is not fun enough to want to do twice for most players (I’m sure someone out there wants to do it, but I don’t know anyone that does) Make interesting content that is challenging (The Mythic Dungeon system is a good example) the addition of the mini bosses at lvl 10+ switches things up (again good content). Bottom line is if the neck and back where account bound to begin with people would be more likely to play alts because they would feel powerful, and give people a choice that are sadistic and want to do it again the option (like the I’ve heard this before skip of the starting quest)

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This highlights very true realities of getting “Caught Up” without trying to sugar coat anything. Thus it is “Inappropriate” for the forums. gg people

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Yeah do we have to do the cloak again? It’s already a weekly 2 zone grind daily as is and 3 hours to do each levels some levels already…

Blizzard knew this system was causing people to Leave in Legion… AP Weapon, now AP Neck. WHY? WHY they thought it would continue to work is what I dont get… A game that you are forced to Grind to be able to play end Content Caused a lot of people to leave. You all think the Last 4 years was ok well… You havent been playing since Start and if you had, Youd understand why the streets of Azeroth are a ghost town. The bottom line is if you cant raise an alt without the Grind YOU CANNOT HELP OTHERS TO UTILIZE THEIR TOON AND NOW YOUR FRIENDS ARE PLAYING SOMETHING ELSE…
WOD was the last Major END Game raiding I have Cause of the Grind Now Required to help Others… they all left. Thanks! Evidently you must be making enough to not Change back to the old system of Get level, run dungeons for Gear, Raid, level ALTs, RAID, AND HELP OTHERS WHO STRUGGLE, WITH ALTS NOT LOCKED TO THE RAID… Seriously we played this game with/for Friends- get off work, Get the reagents, get to the Summoning circle, pvp while waiting, and RAID 6-8 hours every night Learning the new content… Casuals…Which became HC in Wrath but now thats all gone. Killed by the Reputation Grinds in Cata… You got Greedy Activision? 6-8 hours of people interacting with people not grinding for AP to hopefully get a spot… You took a simple Game easy to Get into, easy to play, and Easy to meet other people on the same journey, and Turned it over to the Leets who arent gonna be enough to Pay the people to make the new expansion… NTM should we bring up how you screwed us over by not finishing the EXPACS? WOD is what it is but I guess when the Squeaky wheels are a rolling you gotta answer… and what happened? the wheels that werent squeaking shut down completely and said FORK it. And now there is STILL THE SAME GRIND this out to be Full Volume player you used to be just by working toward Gear in Dung and Raids… I have a Friend who has Grinded it out… He is waiting for me to Get Full Volume(AP) which I cant due to work. So that he gets a Fair shake in Raiding… No LFR is not a fkn End Game and if you Dont know what its like To build a Guild From the Ground up and Help EVERYONE WHO MAY HAVE STARTED THIS GAME FOR DIFFERENT REASONS But found someone to Help them with their Toon and End game Content Then you simply dont know other than accounts falling off. For me its Simple Until the AP BAR is full Its a Nerfed Fkn Toon… No oldschool is gonna play a NERFED fkn toon. Oh I can Grind it out? Can I? Step 2 is washing it off… or keep trying to make money from Zombies and dkhead Leets.

Vanilla-Drood tank BIS blues Theorycraft
BC- Drood BIS blue Trink. Pally Tank alt Welfare Epics in pvp they called em
Wrath-Drood Tank HC raiding with Casuals who enjoyed the Experience
Cata- couldnt grind the Rep late expac Raiding focused alts Reforges?
Pandaria-Late Game Raiding Alt focus 5 Tanks running LFR DUNG End Game… Cloak Legendary Grind Should have Told you what you can expect from Casual players… FEW HAVE THEM.
WOD- Drood Main- 5 Tanks running LFR and Dungeons Helping others introveniously even with the Garri Best Player Expac
Legion- AP… Nerfed Toon until Grind out AP Confidence nowhere to be found as the Theorycraft is gone. No Raiding focused Mounts instead Missed out on My Drood Standing Bear Cause Raiding changed… didnt have the Item level or the AP to Prove to anyone you can do it…

BFA- Well if I wanted to just play PVP Id Play PVP but this isnt even PVP… Its well its… meh Its go level more alts I cant play in EndGame due to AP requirements and gear requirements and Grind the Same dungeon only it gets harder each time? monotony… Isnt Playing, its Dung that was fun… KK do the same stuff a little harder this time like 10 more times… YAY!!! you got the same gear as Last week 3 times now? this isnt boring at all… Can I take my Frustrations and Agitations out on you G-mates? I know we only used to do this while Raiding new content but Blizz says WHY WAIT… oh you dont have enough AP to go… whered you all go?


I just would like to say that I used to play a lot of WoW, but over the past 3-4 years have not. Coming back to the game after long periods is exhausting story wise. All i want to do is do the quest chains and casually play. The problem…

Even casual play is confusing nowadays. So many quest chains and story-lines that are all over the place.

I think is is a helpful guide for those looking to raid and such. I just wanted to tell you guys as a noob again this game is daunting getting back into. Legion started the extreme story divisions and it got even worse in BFA.

Also i was pissed to find out how much i needed to do and grind in order to unlock allied races. I would easily pay $100 to unlock some of the races. Not because i want to avoid the grind but because i don’t want to grind on a character i don’t care about just to unlock a new allied char to start fresh and relearn the game in a sequential way.


Grinding is fine as long as it’s fun. It doesn’t matter if you can catch up or not as long as process itself is fun and enjoyable. legendaries in legion made hard to catch up for returners but it wasn’t BFA bad because eventually you will get them doing contents you like(also they added token to buy the ones you want at the end of the legion). Essence in other hand you need to do specific contents for specific essence. Problem is each class need to get specific essence for full potential. You may not like doing PvP but you need to do arena for weeks to get conflict and strife. you don’t like doing daily quest but you need to do them to get reputation essence. Of course some people say you don’t need to get the best essence for you character just use whatever you get your hands on, but everyone wants to progress in contents they enjoy and for most of them doesn’t enjoy being mediocre player.
Blizzard has turn in to a grandma who forces everything she makes on our throat because she think it’s good on us. But most of users know what they wants from wow. It’s 15+ year old game. If you don’t enjoy PvP mostly like you won’t in the future. If you don’t like doing daily quest you probably won’t in the future. Blizzard should just let us choose contents we want play instead of forcing everything they make.

Personally I think ion shouldn’t be developing video game when his answer to island expeditions was “but it gives best AP reward”. And PvP essence was “but It made users participate more PvP” shouldn’t most important thing for developing game is “Is people having fun?”

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