[News] Ny’alotha, the Waking City Raid Finder Final Wing Now Live

Re-den trash still doing the thing?


Neth, you should know better! :smiley:

i mean i havent done wing one (patch so meh) but woot?

so because we dont like the direction of the game we must be paid to spew bad stuff about it… let me guess you believe also russia rigged the election

That makes no sense. Who would swap an entire end game raid for a way to play the game? We should have both, but that would be a terrible trade.

HI! It’s your necro mom, waking you UP FOR SCHOOL!

Raid Finder Wing 4 is now available and N’Zoth awaits! Good luck everyone.

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So glad to finally rid myself of the quest haha

Wipe fest inc! can’t wait to see this

I have popcorn ready for the massive QQ tsunami incoming!!! :popcorn: :champagne: :champagne: :popcorn: :champagne: :popcorn:

Oh this is going to be good,

Waited in queue for 40 minutes to join a raid where Carapace was already dead, and the group had Determination x10 on N’Zoth. We pulled, wiped, and then all but 4 people left. Sitting in queue for another 30 min so far waiting for more.

Ya, that’s really fun…

I mean, call it QQ, call it a hand-out… I don’t care. If you want a challange, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic are there for you. It’s well established that Raid Finder is tourist mode, and should be just that.


I’m reporting this as a troll post.


Just gonna save everyone some time, Dont bother queuing up


Question: Why the hell are people who HAVEN’T GOT THEIR CLOAKS even allowed to queue for LFR N’zoth?

Even with 10x determination stacks the fight is impossible because so many people just run out of sanity.


Without Tier sets … raiding it’s not the same anymore


wanna know the sad and infuriating part? They’re probably doing it ON PURPOSE (meaning they HAVE their cloak, they just don’t wear it). Because some people really need to get a life…I don’t have much of one and even I have better things to do

agreed. I miss tier that made me LOOK like a rogue


“Unless people in your party don’t have the cloak. Get screwed then gg.”

It is a nightmare. My group got it down to 30% with a 10 stack of determination. I ended up leaving because 1 of the tanks bailed and the new tank refused to listen and both tanks ended up going in the gate. Spent almost 2 hrs in there for all progress to be ruined by a dumb tank