[News] Ny’alotha, the Waking City Raid Finder Final Wing Now Live

Is that alive? Do you eat that alive? How cruel…

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really? I think the raids in BfA have been great, they’ve been on a good run since WoD for raids.

Applejack-To be absolutely fair here where we’re all going against N’Zoth we won’t need eyes to see anyway. Hope you guys catch that really old movie reference right there would be neat if some of you guys do. But yes DH give up their eyes in order to see with the demonic eyes thing.

YES!!! For the love of god…

I feel bad for Ra-den :frowning: Poor guy goes from one eternal torment to the next; I hope he dies for good this time so our buddy can rest easy.

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Mythic and Raid Finder Wing 1 are now live.

I LOVE this place so far. I’m a complete casual now, only doing LFR and normal on my main and alts since I am so focused on allied races leveling, but I absolutely love how each boss in Wing 1 still has mechanics that can kill anyone, no matter if they are 410 item level or 450 or higher. Massive raids are my favorite, like we had in MoP with ToT and SoO and I LOVE IT.

Eternal Palace was a bit of a let down for me personally, so I am enjoying the heck out of Ny’alotha right now. People in LFR actually using teamwork on Prophet…it’s a cool thing to see actually, lol.

It’s not alive, the salt in soy sauce causes some chemical reaction with the nerves or muscles and make it spasm. This is all from memory so I could be wrong on some things but it’s definitely dead.

Raid Finder Wing 2 is now live:

Halls of Devotion

  • Dark Inquisitor Xanesh
  • Vexiona
  • The Hivemind
  • Ra-den the Despoiled

Re-den trash still doing the thing?


Neth, you should know better! :smiley:

i mean i havent done wing one (patch so meh) but woot?

so because we dont like the direction of the game we must be paid to spew bad stuff about it… let me guess you believe also russia rigged the election

That makes no sense. Who would swap an entire end game raid for a way to play the game? We should have both, but that would be a terrible trade.

HI! It’s your necro mom, waking you UP FOR SCHOOL!

Raid Finder Wing 4 is now available and N’Zoth awaits! Good luck everyone.

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So glad to finally rid myself of the quest haha

Wipe fest inc! can’t wait to see this

I have popcorn ready for the massive QQ tsunami incoming!!! :popcorn: :champagne: :champagne: :popcorn: :champagne: :popcorn:

Oh this is going to be good,