[News] Ny’alotha, the Waking City Raid Finder Final Wing Now Live

Hello Onoswun. :wink:

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In the aftermath of N’Zoth’s defeat, he became a tasty seafood treat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not to be picky but you guys mispelled Emperor on Wrathion’s description. Got it right on the title though!

Ny’alotha would have been much more interesting if you had filled it with Ny’an Cats as I suggested.

Just saying…


Nooooo Wrathion! Poor baby :cry:

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You saw nothing. :lying_face:


Wrathion is not actually defeated. Many people did not notice yet, but the boss fight version of Wrathion is an illusion cast by a Faceless One. When Wrathion is defeated, the purple sky dispels to reveal the interior of Ny’alotha and the corpse of Wrathion appears to be a defeated powerful Faceless One.

Demon hunters don’t have eyes silly


It’s been a while since we’ve seen you around the forums. It’s always good to see familar faces :slight_smile:

They need to give you back your candle.

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You no take candle!


My Gift of N’Zoth sees everything!

This will be the best raid in BFA. All the other raids in BFA in my opinion are bad / un fun.

But this one will the best one this expansion.

Can we get an official blue post about reward structure for ‘heroic week’ Jan 21st, will mythic+ rewards be ilvl capped like previous tiers have been until ‘mythic week’ Jan 28th?

Nooo! Not my friend. :cry:

Who’s still got their gift of N’Zoth on? This transmog “enhancer” better have been worth it.

Announce that you care about your customers and make essences account wide and all lvl 3 essences available after a minor quest or rep grind for new players. 8.3 is the very first patch that does not allow returning players to be relevant until weeks or a month of grinding.

All the pr about your new raid fails to address the failure of killing alts and returning yet again, for the 2nd xpac in a row.

Prove that actual developers care and read the forums.

Wow! The models of the Prophet Skitra, Drest’agath and N’Zoth are awesome!!!
Can’t wait!

But does it have a roller coaster?

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People, here on the forum, don’t seem to be happy with whatever Blizzard is creating. Every occasion seem to be good to trash the game or the company.

It’s like a coup d’état with the goal of demoralization a part of the playerbase and to sink the game into oblivion. I wonder: are these forums activists paid by other compagnies (competitors)?

It is just weird.


Sabbia-BRILLIANT DBZ reference right there hahah! From a lore point of view I am curious to see if this WILL be an actual fight against N’Zoth or not. First time in classic it was later revealed he tricked us. It will be curious to see if we do actually get to fight this thing now like “for real” now. Much more is on the line for all of Azeroth here. But yes Sabbia major props for being fellow DBZ nerd here. well done!