[News] New Legendary Cloak and Corrupted Gear Preview

Face N’Zoth equipped with a powerful new legendary cloak and gear tainted with Corruption.

Read the complete preview here.


You guys could really work on cloaks. What they look like now is ornate towels strapped to our backs. Make some gear that looks like what thrall has, Wardens have, or some other kinds of cloaks. We’ll worry about clipping with other pieces :wink:


Looking forward for Good vs bad of this Corrupted gear

Sure sure cry baby’s gonna wine

But this about risk vs reward and I willing to see how far to push it Beside about time we get some gear that how you say “Cursed” it been need to say but We need some items bit of backlash effect for that risk vs reward

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Heroes Wear Capes


Would love to have the cloak and hood look for some items. Rogues don’t feel half as Rogue like when they aren’t concealing their identity in a cloaked hood.


I have been looking at the corrupted weapons listed on wowhead and I cant help but to wonder why we have no intellect 2 handed weapon , Only intellect weapons are Eyestalk of Il’gynoth (wand) and Shagla’yos astral malignity (sword)

“Once your Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of Resolve reaches rank 15, you can begin to acquire Malefic Cores, which increase your Corruption Resistance by 3, to a maximum of 125.”

So loosely it will take a year for this to reach max resistance. I don’t know man I don’t see the fun with the new gear and the cloak just seems to be the gatekeeper placeholder in lieu of content… :confused:


The models are disappointing. The purple one looks like a piece of junk and the other 2 don’t match anything.


The red one looks like it belongs on a BE armor set and the blue one looks like something titan-based.

Edit: Just looked at it again, the blue one looking Titan-based is the idea behind it, I guess.

Red one looks like it’s Wrathion’s cloak. Like he designed it for himself.

Blue one might match my Paladin. I’ll check it out on the PTR.

Yeah you’re right. The purple one is a void corrupted one. Then we upgrade it to Wrathion’s cloak. Then to some titan style one. Looks pretty good on my paladin.

Six months. At rank 15 the cloak will already have 50 corruption resistance. So the malefic cores will add 75 additional resistance, over 25 weeks.

At least the sword is off the final 2 bosses and therefore +10 item levels higher. DHs have zero usable weapons off the final 2 bosses, thus DHs have zero weapons they can get of the highest tier item level. I think there are other classes that are missing at least one weapon in that category.

Seems like a serious oversight.

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Devastation’s Hour is a 2H sword so it’s an option for Blood and Unholy. If Icy Veins is accurate, it’s got good stats for UH and… not the worst stat combination for Blood.

Won’t the last raid be over by then? Are people really going to sit on their hands instead of raiding at this point in the expansion?

Or is this going to be like the Argus legendary trinket that nobody got but 120’s in transmog runs during BfA - not actually useful for the progression content it was designed for, because timing meant you didn’t get it until long after you no longer needed it?


Possibly but the only players who will really need 125 corruption resistance are those with multiple tier 3 corrupted weapons, as those carry the highest corruption values. I guess the thinking behind this is that players who are pushing CE / farming mythic N’Zoth are the ones who will still be active in 8.3 content by that time, and they would need that much resistance?

Twenty-five weeks after hitting rank 15 on the cloak seems stupid, but then again an endless AP grind that adds nothing but item levels and pathetic amounts of secondary stats ad infinitum also sounds stupid for the final major patch of this expansion. So I guess they go hand-in-hand as poorly thought out ideas to keep players “engaged” until SL.

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Grindfest poorly designed to keep us busy until SL. HoA + Ashjra’kamas = BFA failed slow output content poorly designed. Why not Azshara dungeon or black empire dungeon or Nyalotha Argus island. Come on. :face_with_monocle::angry::thinking::roll_eyes:


And essences, and another round of Azerite armor lottery or residuum stockpiling.

I know they said at blizzcon that they wanted feedback on the gear system for this patch to influence SL, so blizz my 2 cents; this ain’t it dawg.


I see myself slowing down tremendously going forward.

I’ve been fatigued by the current system so much that yet another item to AP grind and more essence grinding sounds like just too much work for me to bother with.

YMMV, of course.


You’re doing legendary cloaks again? That was done once already, why not shoulders, or a helmet or chest piece? You have 15 gear slots to pick from.

Hide back is a wonderful thing.