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I’m just curious why people think that the blues on the forums are in any way in charge of game design?

Even if they ARE designers on any level, the amount of autonomy they have with changes they can make is limited.

Hell, with how we all act like spoiled pickles, they probably draw straws to see who has to deliver news here and get the asinine replies in their inboxes.

That said, I love holiday events, so? Keep ‘em comin’. I’ll be happy to spangle horde with hearts.


lol, you would be the same way. got to be a better way than what is currently getting done for PVP.

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it would only be impossible if all the players were in the same pool. but instead we have static players on one side and the other, and one of the sides sucks balls.

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I give exactly as many f***s about some world event as Blizz gives about addressing faction imbalances/PvP issues in this game.

That being said, let’s not attack Neth. CMs have zero control over what the dev team does or does not do.




Paying customers voicing displeasure with the product they are paying for is not “spoiled” or “asinine.” No candy coated response will make the problems go away. They need to fix the damn game.

Agreed, both parts.

I think the bigger question is, is this the real Neth and if so, where is her candle?

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How bout focus on fixing the wsg premades issue plaguing the game instead of these gimmick holidays taking the devs time.

No kidding, pathetic

We’d love it if the game got a little love. I mean, we are paying to play this. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for things to work properly and make sense.

Can you make your posts stickies so I don’t just randomly stumble on it in my feed


Love how blizz only comments on the most useless things rather than trying to address any issues. More ninja fixes coming to address symptoms and not actual problems.

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Agree on the wc3

But dude you alliance won 55% in vanilla. You’re not losing because of some alleged map imbalance.

Guys, the holiday events are all ready pre-made. They’re not “working on that instead of other things.” This is just an announcement that the holiday switch is being flipped on.

Guys, CMs are not developers and have no control over what gets priority or what doesn’t.


Naw, the playerbase is more min-max focused, even casual players use BIS lists and such. So many things are different from vanilla that even slight imbalances get exacerbated. The horde cave location in AV is one of those things.

The problem is that the AV 1.12 meta is a complete disaster because the horde with 1 hour queues are completely focused on a 5k+ bonus honor, 30 minute matches, zero sum game strategy where the alliance often escape with next-to-nothing.

This never happened in vanilla because queues were never this long and horde never really developed a strategy like this. Horde weren’t capping SH GY every game and wiping alliance everywhere.

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Let’s stop feeling sorry about people having to do their jobs.

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Oh…get over yourself.

The alliance did it to themselves.

Av is litetally the same map now as it was in vanilla. Maybe if the alliancr carebears did not go afk or just leave. They would win.

I pvped in vanilla as alliance. I won 90% of my AV matches as alliance. Even in pugs against premades.

Alliance pvpers just need to git gud.


Queues were never this long?

I remember clearly having an average queue time in vanilla of 2+ hours. I had a 7hr queue one day.

I remember both factions having high queud times.

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