[News] Heroic Difficulty Operation: Mechagon Awaits

Visions of N’Zoth opens the doors on Heroic Difficulty Operation: Mechagon, giving players the opportunity to experience this mechanically marvelous dungeon in two parts—the Junkyard and the Workshop.

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About time.


Does doing the heroic version unlock the mecha-gnomes?

Is hard mode available on heroic difficulty?

Yes. For those who didn’t get to (or chose not to) run through this dungeon in Mythic, going through it in Heroic will count toward unlocking the mecha-gnomes.


Yes, doing it on Heroic will allow you to complete The Mechagonain Threat, just completed it myself yesterday, just about to grab the quest to unlock them,

Will doing this on heroic still drop the R1 essence and/or R2 design?

Vision of perfection rank 1, 2, and 3?

This is what I’m wondering too before I queue for it as I hear it’s fairly long, even for a split dungeon.

I would assume not, as heroic lockout is once a day, while mythic lockout is once a week.

Do you have to do both of the heroic version dungeons to unlock the mechagnomes or just the Workshop?

But at least for the R1 essence you’d think heroic would drop it?
Trying to find a definitive answer on this.

Workshop is just fine, as the associated quest just requires you to kill King Mechagon.

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I’d say the best way to find out is to run it yourself. Doing just the last 4 bosses on heroic shouldn’t take that long.

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Well this started as a blue post so hopefully we will get a solid answer :slight_smile:

Warlock = 30 min queue

Still faster than waiting on a blue post, or someone else to run it, to confirm or deny if it works like that.

i still got another 5 hours of my shift at work :slight_smile:

For those asking yes I can confirm you can get vision of perfection rank 1 from heroic mechagon as I did it last night on an alt.
I only did workshop, and it dropped from King Mechagon so I can’t say whether it can drop from junkyard as well or not.
And I’m not sure if you can get subsequent ranks from heroic or not as I’ve only done it the once so far.

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To confirm, you can get all the pieces necessary for vision of perfection from heroic queues. However, the sprockets are not guaranteed to drop and there is no lockout on heroic mode anymore so you can run the workshop to your heart’s desire as much as you want.