[News] Exalt in the Impressive Influence 100% Bonus Reputation Buff: April 20 – May 18

please at the very least let the two newest reps be counted with this. they’ve been out long enough

I’m doing this, but i only want the Farondis chest, i clean all the world quests everyday, so far only 1 chest, but might get 2 or 3 tries before the thing ends.

Looks like they nerfed it. No longer getting 3k from legion insignas…

Fun detected duh.

Get reps to exalted and then this is a good gold maker. 3 emissary quests completions take 30-40 minutes total = approx $4k gold. Not bad if you’re not into farming or crafting .

It’s not too late. You still have time to take advantage of the Impressive Influence bonus reputation buff before it ends on Monday, May 18!

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So that’s confirmation that unlike the exp bonus, it won’t be staying?


Any plans to include Rajani and Uldum Accord for the last week or so?


Request to a) extend this and 2) make it apply to all past reps.


both should be extended till shadowlands, make show your players they are valued unlike the blizz-con tournament toy sales prize pool for example. not to mention its not even a full month of bonus reputation. I’m not surprised though just like most things just shy of being fully completed. just like alpha tested is dead yet hardly no one that really wants to be part of it has got the invite as the “friends and family” list is still being cycled.


It’s also not too late to extend the Rep bonus as well! :smiley:


Extend this too! Its been a thrill to level a new toon and work on the reps for that character.


Extend it till prepatch!


I hope I’m not alone when I say this, but WQs should always give as much rep as they do with this bonus active.
I’m not saying Emissary should always give 3k rep, but the WQs should always be 150rep at a minimum. Getting a paltry 75 per has felt bad all expansion.


After Winds of Wisdom and Impressive Influence what’s next? Brilliant Bounty 100% increased gold drops?


Are you upset that people are gaining rep and xp faster than you did?

Yes, extend this like the xp buff, every little incentive helps!


I would have rather had the rep buff over the leveling buff. Both are appreciated, but here is a thought. Instead of double rep, just add tabards for the major factions purchasable similar to Orgrimmar or Undercity. Even reduce the amount they award if it is that important. Let us grind the rep the way we want this late in the expansion.

Pathfinder is just a bad concept. As a returning player, it was almost enough to make me unsub again. Locking rewards behind factions is fine, but locking flying for weeks or more is just silly.


How do you not complete Pathfinder over the coarse of an expansion? It literally unlocks itself.


Not really. You have to go out of your way to do the champions and turtle reps.