[News] Exalt in the Impressive Influence 100% Bonus Reputation Buff: April 20 – May 18

Please extend the exp buff!

Please! I need to level up at least 4 more Vulpera

Does this apply to the bee rep?

Wisdom 100% experience buff in Battle for Azeroth, we’re extending its benefit through to the release of the Shadowlands pre-patch!

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Wait did they say that ?!

Lo’ and behold, your pleas for time have been heard- [News] The Winds of Wisdom 100% Experience Buff Extended!


Take that all you don’t extend it folks hahahahahahah

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Thank you for acting so quickly!

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This is a good addition. Only sucky thing is the only reason I would actually come back and play now (already leveled most of the alts I want to play in SL to 120) would be to get the BFA rep that I dont have because I skipped most of BFA.

This sucks… *Bonus excludes Rajani and Uldum Accord reputation.

Only reason I would come back at this point and actually play BFA.


Pretty sure all the allied races won’t require rep in shadowlands, there were articles about it on wowhead and mmochamp.

I only frequent wowhead when I need help with something in game, so I’m not always up on all of the future happenings. I’ll still probably work on the Kul Tiran rep during the double period. That way I can already have mine before SL comes out.

YAY thank you

I’d really like to see this extended beyond Legion and BfA. While I’m grateful for Blizzard responding and listening to the community, I’ve got all this stuff unlocked. I’d like to farm even older reputations, quicker. I’m at 84 reputations, and I’d L O V E to farm out that pretty pony for 100 reps.


Happy to see I’ll be continuing to play since they extended the XP buff.

Curious to see how the critics of this now reconcile their previous arguments though…

As someone who didn’t think it should be extended originally, I’m pretty okay with it. My reasoning is that they were just going to give us something different.

“Why not both?” was a valid response by the “extend it” side too. In any case, it’s a win-win for all 3 parties. If you don’t want to level, you gain still get the rep bonus.

We should let people enjoy things. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Thank you for extending the xp buff!

Please consider adding the reputation buff to all factions. In my case that’d be working on older pre-Legion factions. Maybe I could make some progress with Nat Pagle for example?

It’s the end of the xpac, so burnout for current content is probably pretty common right now. A reputation buff that works in old content could help pass the time until shadowlands.


Make this one not expire either!

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No my suggestion works as it always has for Legion content. Blizzard just deemed it a degenerate type of play that they didn’t want to extend into BFA. Just look at the BoA rep tokens that they have now. None can be used once already exalted. During legion, I was able to amass enough Nightfallen rep tokens to shuttle around alts to get 9 paragon boxes in a few minutes (no mount drop). With the AP farming meta being relegated to drip fed paragon boxes (which they nerfed being able to hoard in BFA), and islands, it just feels like they wanted to cut off “too efficient” methods of rep farming.

The major reason why I did it wasn’t for ARs or less fancy challenge mode sets. I would get those in time with regular play (plus I had more favorite sets). I was aiming for the paragon mounts and easier ways to get legendaries to then use for my mage tower attempts.

XP Buff extended and This, this is a great time to play. hopefully it brings in some new blood