[News] Death Knights for All Races Preview

“Slow down. Life is to be savored… especially the innards.” :panda_face: :skull:


Can’t wait to roll a Kul Tiran DK, ride atop my ghost ship, and pretend to be Davy Jones.


So like. There’s no undead skin? Or undead hair? I just…that’s what I was looking forward to most tbh. The hope that velves would get silver/white hair from this, something they’ve been needing since release. But no - not even the change to make the existing glow around their eyes blue like the Lightforged and Dark Iron. I’m so disappointed


OMFG we can have green tuaren DKs@@

Damn you, Blizz. Breaking my heart by implying we (Pandaren) were gonna be getting our heritage armor.

I’ll gladly take a new class option, though.


Just as an fyi, we made a correction. We deleted a typo that incorrectly stated that pandaren can receive Heritage Armor by leveling to 110.* Apologies for the confusion.


… -cries-

I get the impression the Horsemen will be the ones raising the new Death Knight races or at least gathering the bodies to bring to Bolvar. Since this is taking place right as 8.3 launching next week, AKA before the Shadowlands cinematic, I guess the idea is that Bolvar is creating these DKs to fight against N’zoth, being that undead are more resistant to mind control. So perhaps after this initial questline the Horsemen return to Acherus or on the frontline.
Besides that, he’s never really had a reason to have elite guards, the few times anyone besides the Deathlord visited him or ICC he always pretty much says “whatever your business is here, do it quickly or the Scourge will kill you” so that has always been his general line of defense.
Had he known Sylvanas was coming he might have tried to be more prepared but she pretty much just shows up without warning and does her OP plot-armor thing.

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Do you mind confirming that Allied Race Death Knights qualify for Heritage Armor when they hit 110? I know this has been asked a bit, but it’d be nice to have clarification.

A wise man once said, “Fifty no’s and a yes means yes”! A week should do, right?

I’ll take 8.3.5. :grin:

Thanks Blizzard. Now, let talk about Demon Hunters…please :slightly_smiling_face:


You guys can update the eyes for all death knights, and make it available for ALL the races, but you can’t even bother to give allied races and pandaren the traditional undead skin and hair colors that make death knights a hero class? Come on.


allied race DK’s get their heritage armour if you level them.
Only the pandaren part was a typo.

Haha, that sad reality is you’re probably right. But I will hold my ground until the last moment!! Lol

I was of the same stance, but… as a Pandaren fanatic, I just had to have a Pandaren DK in my arsenal. I was got.

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It was stated at Blizzcon that the fourth generation DKs are being raised because Bolvar knows that Sylvanas is coming. They exist purely to be his elite guard, and then they just disappear when it actually happens.

I’m assuming the prepatch event is going to be around this.

The pre-expansion event would likely be part of the 9.0 patch, about a month before Shadowlands launches, when they introduce new systems, class changes, new leveling experience, etc.

I meant the plot of the prepatch would be around the events of Sylvanas’s attack on icecrown.

To bad they won’t have DK specific skin color options.

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