[News] Announcing the World of Warcraft Student Art Contest 2019 Winners!

Presented by Blizzard Entertainment’s University Relations and World of Warcraft development teams, the ninth annual World of Warcraft Student Art Contest has drawn to a close. After some fervent debate and impassioned deliberation, our judges sifted through the many remarkable entries and identified the winning entries.

Check out the winners and runner-ups in our article for each of the four categories.


Very impressive! Nice job!

What a beautiful highborne feeling the winning (environment) artwork has.

Alright when are we getting Tikus.


Duuuuuuuuuuuude the environmental winners. Those colors are so vibrant!

Also whatever Tikus the Swift is. I want one. They’re very friend shaped.

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I’m not sure if I like the winner or runner up more. The winner just matches the warcraft style so flawlessly, but it kinda feels like anything else we’ve ever seen in Suramar already.

The runner up is far more visually interesting as far as I’m concerned but doesn’t quite match the visual style as well.

Still waiting for the otter from a previous contest… So likely… not.


Oh is that where the Otter :otter: is from. I want that mount so badly.

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We need Tikus!
And I love the environments-each one is quite impressive.

I wish riggers could participate :frowning:

Congrats and nice job to the winners, though :slight_smile:

That bloody animation.
Fiends don’t let fiends skip leg day.

This 2018 winner is still my favorite (Would be great, like the Otter)

Plus there is a corgi combat pet in game like that.

I like that they used blue for little bits like on the armor and the bright blue feather. Blue and orange always look nice together.