[News] A Many Splendored Thing: Love Is in the Air Begins February 8!

I wish I could get the rose all year round too

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But he ded.

Haha naaahhh, id rank children’s week and lunar festival as my lowest ones.

If they loosened up on transmog stuff I’d be more interested :eyes:

So… you’re confirming that love is nothing more than an Old God illusion?

I knew it.


I don’t have the calendar in front of me, but does this signal the end of the Lunar Festival?

Lunar Festival is at an end, but there is always love just around the corner. :wink: :purple_heart:


Too soon :sob:

My two weeks of hell begins. Pray for me.

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Here’s a blast from the past reminding you to get your Love boat for those special cruises with a friend.


Just jump on one of your least played characters that worked for me when I got it on my shaman a few years back. It is still the only mount she is allowed to ride.
Anyway I wish everyone good luck that has to get it!

I dread this part of the year the most. Imagine trying for 18 toons everyday.

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I’ll try for the Love Rocket a few times but I’m not breaking my neck for it. I’ll be busy killing stuff in the name of love this sweet holiday. :heart_eyes:


hopefully i get the red rocket this year

So begins the fortnight torture of 47 dungeons a day :weary:

Man they must have really wiped out the WoW CM team if they are pulling Candle back into posting on the forums. Haven’t seen Neth in years…

But think of all the useless neck items you will get!

on my neglected (aka never opened nazjatar or chamber of heart) level 120 alts the neck is item level 425 which is higher ilvl than their level 69 HoAs

why do we have the “you have entered too many instances” after doing it on 10 toons? going though dungeon finder should bypass this restriction. fix it

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i never bothered to get HoA for most of my gaggle of korraks alts… so the necks have been upgrades for most of them :slight_smile:

Arathi Basin Subway bug
Can’t complete quick repair