New/returning player wanting to get into raids!

Hello! Im a Fury warrior and i just hit level cap and I havent really played the game since Legion but now Im back and I want to be able to experience the cool raiding scene this game has to offer! Ive kind of forgotten how raiding works so Im basically a new player at this point. Im a very chill dude and an attentive learner who is always open to honest criticism and correcting mistakes. Im looking for a casual and raiding guild that would be down to show me the ropes of raiding. I cant guarantee that ill top the damage charts or anything but Im always gonna pull my weight as hard as i can during any boss fight! Hit me up if you would be down to show me!

tommyc06#1524 if you can make tues wed 9-12est (6-9pst) add me lets talk

Hi there! We are located on Zul’jin. We are welcoming to people from all walks of life and LGBTQ+ friendly. We raid Sun/Wed 8-11pm EST. Our guild leader/raid leader has been leading guilds and raids since Vanilla. While we do focus on progression and obtaining AOTC, we don’t treat it like a job. Outside of game, we love to hang out in Discord and even have Discord parties. We are all adults, chill, and have mature senses of humor. We support each other in game and out of game. Hope to hear from you! Contact us on DC: Kristen#2103 or BaristaOverlord#8203

Heya. We are a casual, AOTC guild, and welcome newer and returning players, and happily teach players new to endgame content. Below are our details.

Hi. RoastedQuail US–Lightninghoof (Connected Realms - Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, Ravenholdt, The Venture Co, Twisting Nether) is a longstanding, active and casual AOTC guild dating back to Vanilla. We are a tightknit, social group engaging in a wide variety of endgame content including Normal and Heroic Raid, Mythic+, PVP, Achievements, and spamming Discord with otter memes. Though our members range in age from late teens to approaching pension, our average player is in their 30s. We understand the need to balance WoW and IRL. You will never catch flack for prioritizing real life over WoW.

We raid Tuesdays & Wednesdays 8-10pm EST, and run Mythic+ Mondays and throughout the week. We are currently 8/9N Aberrus.

Looking for: Newer, veteran, and returning players alike. Players new to raiding and Mythic+ are welcome. All roles and specs. We value player enjoyment over meta specs. For raid, current available roles are DPS and Healing though Tanks with Off-Specs are more than welcome. For Mythic+, run what you love. We have members running keys at varying levels (+2 – 20s and beyond) all week long.

Expectations: No Toxicity. Be kind, be decent. Raiders should have good attendance, team oriented attitude, the ability to communicate on Discord, must use DBM/Bigwigs and Weak Auras, focus on your role, have a positive attitude, patience and growth mindset while we progress as a guild, good sense of humor, and a desire to have fun.

If interested, hit me up on my Discord (fintem84#5169) or Bnet (fintem1259#1488), and we can chat. No need to immediately jump servers or join guild, just come chill with us in Discord, check out raid or keys, wreck some mobs, and have fun.

Hi Bigshortstop!

If someone is looking for friendly social community, the beating heart of a MMO, Found a Green Quest (US Horde Zul’jin & cross realm/cross faction community) is the place. While we have Keystone masters and amazing players, we have many more in the community either returning to WoW, in classic or just finding their way through the World of Warcraft in a casual friendly environment. We have mythic Mondays for a respectful and fun environment. We raid weekly in Wednesdays and Thursdays (7:30pm-10pm EST) and are interested in building up people not tearing them down. We have plans for guild sponsored PVP, regular t-mog runs to old content, Guild trivia and game nights, Pet battle tournaments, almost any activity you can think of in the game. If you’re a high key pushers but are getting turned off by negativity, or are a casual looking for a fun and friendly community or are a new or returning player intimidated by everything you see ingame and in Wowhead, we have Plenty of people ready to help you out. Give Found a Green Quest shot and you wont regret it.

Let Kiuayoukai or Van know if you’re interested!

Discord Kiuayoukai#2395 Kiua#1912
Discord- Vandro#5790
Battlenet- TheHammer#1904

Hey there. I am the GM of (Bruh). We are more than willing to trial you and see you grow as a player! Bruh is a small, not cesspool guild and are pretty chill. As long as you are willing to learn and take criticism (which you said you are!) we can work with that.

My Bnet is Levo#11410 and my Discord is Levo#7169

Our raid times are Sat/Sun from 6:00-8:30 PST. We do require a %70 attendance rate.

Wow, you have a lot of responses! If you are still looking for a guild, I am an officer for the guild Valinor Vigilantes! We are located on Malfurion and raid Tuesday/Thursday at 7pm CST through 10pm cst. I remember when i first got to raiding how daunting it was. I love helping people reach their potential in their hobbies and I like how self reflective you are about your current skill level and your attitude about how you will try your hardest to pull your weight! My discord is Cap#1128 and my Bnet is Saifawn#1676 if you are interested in joining a guild!

After much consideration, I have decided to accept your offer to join the Valinor Vigilantes! I have sent you a friend request on battlenet! Thank you for the invite!

Hey Bigshortstop!
Just dropping by to see if you might be interested in learning more about our guild! We are a progression oriented AOTC Alliance guild on Stormrage, We have different events going on in the guild each week. We raid on Fri-Sat (currently only looking for healers and backup players atm) and have an optional night on Thursdays. (All are welcome!! Times are in the link) M+ groups( We just recently added Teams) random fun guild events, and will be adding more in the near future! We are happy to add new players to our guild as we have lots of people who are willing to teach with patience and have fun doing so in the process! We have a great guild with a cozy family vibe to us.
I’m including the link to our guild information, feel free to check it out and see what we have to offer! We have something for everyone! If you are interested in learning more about us or have any questions please be sure to contact me! The best way to reach
me is on Discord at Byndi#5161. I look forward to hearing back from you. Have a great night!!