Newish Player Looking for Home

Looking for an Active Guild, Runs Dungeons, Raiding, etc my discord is : herhades

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Hi Seaweaver,

I’m Kiuayoukai, a cheeky Pandaren Resto Shaman, and proud assistant GM of the guild/community Found a Green Quest on Zul’jin.

Our guild has been around since 2018 founded by my husband Jarsha and myself with our visions of being a social/casual and active community regardless of what members are interested in. Our guild is thriving; however, we are in need of recruiting more friends for Season 3 and future expansions and you’re invited! Whether you are a new player, returning player, or and alt looking for a place to call home.

We are a laid-back casual guild for adults who play when they can while keeping the social aspect of the game alive. We believe that real life comes first, and the game second. We enjoy playing all aspects of the game and are here to help others on their journey in and out of Azeroth. We group up for timewalking/heroic/mythic dungeons or old content farming for achievements/transmogs/mounts/pets. With a Saturday raid team focused on Normal difficulty/Timewalking raids for those looking to experience the raid in a stress-free environment with a group of friends or for people who have never raided before and are looking to learn or just run an extra raid that week on one of their alts.

We are looking to rebuild our Primary raid team with the goals of AOTC and Glory of Achievements every tier. Times are Thursday/Friday 7:30PM EST – 10:00PM EST

Regardless of what content you enjoy, you are welcome to take flight with us and enjoy the game. Come join us!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

We’re listed in the guild finder in game or you can reach me here or on discord: kiuayoukai

Thank you for taking the time to check out our recruitment. We wish you the best of luck this tier & future tiers to come!

Hiya Seaweaver!

Area 52

Looking for a laid back guild?
Need assistance with leveling, gearing or class/spec questions? Or maybe just somewhere to hang and chat?

Tattered Remains is accepting all levels, Classes and Specs!

About Our Guild:
Tattered Remains was Founded in 2011
For a while we were 3rd on Duskwood.
We server hopped when Duskwood started dying down.
After Legion the guild became less active and became more casual. A small group of us have stuck it out and have been close knit for years.

We are an adult only guild (If you are easily offended, we may not be the guild for you)

We are currently running Myhtic+
Normal and Heroic Raiding, Working towards Mythic.

What We Are looking for:
We would like to get back to the glory days of smashing content and climbing charts. Having guild events, farming mounts, PvP, and working on achievements.

Roster is open for ALL classes Specs and levels. We will assist with what is needed.

Raiding Days and Times:
10 Pm Est (Server) 7 Pm Pst Start time.
1 Am Est (Server) 10 Pm Pst Stop time.
(Or longer dependent on everyones spirits)

Daily if you choose to join.

If you have any questions please reach out to me at:
And Thank you for your interest! :grin:

Come start a new character with us.

Hey Seaweaver! You should check out our growing gaming community!

Oh my. Seaweaver is a good name.

Glorious Purpose aims to be a competitive end-game progression guild on Area 52 Horde (don’t worry we do welcome you alliance folks :heart: ). We are a core of players that are here to enjoy the game, but also respect the aims to approach raiding, and progressing in a competitive manner. Our goals are to build a officer core that sets the example in stable and experienced leadership, where we are available to all members at all times. We aim to build a core raid team that are all players that stand out in their classes, and commit to raid nights.

Progression: Leaders are AOTC, 1/9M (through pugs currently)

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday/Wednesday - 8:00 - 11:00PM EST (Progression Raiding)

Additional activities are currently being added through the calendar to better support our core raiders and make raid times more convenient for those interested.

Mythic Keys
Aiming to build a strong, active Key running community, where we are pushing high keys and IO.

Recruitment (Raid) Information:

Is currently looking for experienced and competitive team raiders to complete its core.

Currently Recruiting: Immediate Needs.

:dagger: All Spots are open (Guild is new and building team, if you are interested I ask for patience as we build. I promise you, its worth the wait)

All competitive applicants are welcome to apply

While not hard requirements, as we want to maintain a laid back / chill raiding environment we do expect you to do your homework. Come prepared to raid, study the fights prior to raid night, run mythic + for free vault upgrades, bring personal consumables. Show up on time.

What can we offer you?

:dagger: Very experienced and structured Leadership
:dagger: Mythic +, Normal / Heroic / Mythic Raiding Weekly.
:dagger: A environment where your time is valued, and appreciated.
:dagger: A forever home, like you, we are tired of the instability of guilds and want a home.
:dagger: A place where your guildmates will become friends.
:dagger: Free guild repair / supplies for raid.

Overall, i aim to recruit players that are driven, competitive and always looking to improve themselves and their team-mates. We use our time efficiently, maintain focus, and exercise discipline where required. We don’t wish to waste your time (during raid/Keys etc), please don’t waste ours. However, On farm content nights, atmosphere is more relaxed. Our time is precious, and we know your’s is as well. Efficiency is our goal.

If you feel this is something you’d wanna take part in you can add me on bnet at GucciPotato#11592 or join our discord

Hi Seaweaver!

We are currently looking for dps to join us on our alt/casual N/H raid team. Team Maniacs has several of our AOTC alts along with other cool people who are looking for a low stress, fun learing enviroment to play in. Right now the Maniacs are clearing 9/9N and looking to dip there toes into some heroic bosses. Since this our chill group they only run once a week on Saturdays - 6:00p-9:00p EST. The only raid requirement is that your character is 435ilv.

We also have a very active M+ community, various guild events and auctions. If you are looking for a drama free, fun and active guild please check us out!

At this time, our AOTC group has a full roster but if/when spots open up we start our recruiting from with in. I hope to hear from you!

Discord - Jaydyn#5655

Let’s conquer the challenges together - Dumb Ways to Die <Area 52> awaits you!

We are currently seeking DPS and healers to strengthen our raid core for progression in Heroic content. Mythic+ enthusiasts and casual players are also welcomed to join our ranks. We were originally located on Stormrage, but transferred over to Area 52 for a fresh start.

Progress: 7/9 Heroic

Raid Schedule:
Tuesday and Thursday
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm EST
Alt Raid on Mondays

For inquiries, contact Bnet: Keling#1988 Discord: Raddasan



Check this out:

Hey Seaweaver,

I sent you a friend request on discord. Our guild is on Stormrage so we can meet up if we sound like a good fit for you.

We are The Killer Bunnies if you wanted to look us up and I have a twitch channel of you wanted to see the fun we have dying in interesting ways to bosses all over Azeroth :slight_smile:

I hope to talk to you soon Seaweaver/Herhades,

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Hey Seaweaver,

Not sure what happened after you spammed everyone and every officer asking for gold and then unfriended even me in discord but either you are hacked or a scammer yourself.

Rarely do I see both Wow and Discord hacked at the same time and with such dilligence to ask every officer and guild member for gold, even those who don’t currently play, so you should get a life and get lost.