Newer father trying to get back into the game!

Hi folks! Just as the subject says. I’m finally getting a little more time for wow now after the baby has grown a little so I’m trying to get back into things! Most of the people I use to play with have either stopped playing or we have lost touch so it’s a new start for me. Would love to start raiding or at least get into the M+ game. Looking for a later guild because there are just some nights I don’t get off work till 10pm est. I have most toons to 60 and have started trying to gear all of them so I’m really up for playing whatever! Most toons are currently on zul’jin and horde but those things can be fixed or I’m even willing to level something new just because I never mind the grind. Thanks all for listening!!

Hi Arcdemona, this isn’t exactly what your looking for but if you ever feel like running it back in the next SOM season or classic fresh (?) - let me know. I’m working on setting up a horde guild and currently looking to network, meet friends or friendly players. I totally get being a new dad and congrats btw. Good luck finding the right fit! We would be wed/sun 8pm-11pm EST

hi there! congrats on your new baby! there are alot of parents in our guild and lots of people just coming back into the game! If youd like to check us out our guild link is here! please feel free to message me. [A][Stormrage]<Gnome Depót> Late Night Heroic AOTC Progression Team(and more!) Recruiting for DF!

I will definitely check you out when I get a chance to log in! The raid time is a little earlier than what I really need but I might be able to make it work. I don’t really have a main right now so if there’s a need I can usually fill it! Let me know what you need!

Hi there Arcdemona. We’re a later evening guild that are most active between 8-11pm PST. Our raid nights are Friday at those same times. We have several parents and wife/husband pairs in the guild already. If you like to discuss it a bit more, please add me on discord. Darryl_TTD#8725

we just let people play what they want to andwork around it if needed. we have alot of flexible people in the guild to contribute to that.

Hi, Arcdemona!

[A] House Brighthammer (Wyrmrest Accord) is a smallish guild that raids Normal/Heroic (and sometimes dabbles in Mythic), does M+, and sometimes other activities together. We have a bunch of parents in our guild so we are pretty understanding of all that implies. :slight_smile: We’re doing the Fated raids in Normal for the Slime Kitty, but will be returning to our AOTC focus in Dragonflight. We’ve been looking for more ranged dps and would like to invite you to check out our team. Raid times are Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 7-9PM Pacific (10-Midnight Eastern). We use two-way Discord communication. If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you at Aristiri #1425 Bnet, or Akaitaka #9181 on Discord.