Newbie Looking for Horde rp guild

Never try this before but always wanted to try the rping in the game but haven’t out of fear of judgement for saying something wrong that isn’t part of the game. I have try looking thru forum for one and when finding something promising they want to do an interview on discord. I want to avoid that till I feel comfortable to talk on voice chat programs. If anyone can point me in the right direction I’ll appreciate it. Thank you for ya time :grinning:


Steelrune Company is pretty new still and looking for new faces, if you’re interested. Our RP revolves around a mercenary company/private research group combined. The academics give the mercs information they need to combat various threats, while the mercs assist whenever they can with research.

Well I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t recommend Firebrand Enterprises!

That said, the Horde is full of a bunch of actively recruiting guilds. Feel free to browse any of the threads on the forums marked with an H. And check out the Horde Guild Directory.

And if you’re anxious in general when it comes to roleplay, there’s the Friendship Fundays event, which is geared towards new and returning RP’ers.

Sorry to throw so many links at you so quickly.

No need to be sorry, thank you very much I appreciate what you link I’ll look these up after work :grinning: