Newbie looking for a relax guild


As the subject says, I’m a newbie to WoW and I’m looking to join a guild with a relax approach and which also considers RL engagements. I’d prefer an adult guild (yeah, I’m getting old) with good fun people who will understand my potential (they will happen) newbie mistakes and basic questions.
I have a low level (15th) undead hunter and am on the Azshara realm, so a horde guild on that server would be best. If the guild is on another realm, then I would be open to start a new toon there. I’m interested in everything in the game: dungeons, raids, etc…but I’m not a PvP fan.

Thanks for considering my CV. :slight_smile:



Hi there bhonezz!

I will try to keep this as simple and non boring as possible.

Dracarys Productions on Bleeding Hollow was a guild founded in the middle of Legion to engage players in fun friendly activities without the stress off logs/parses. Our main goal was to engage in end game content as well as run mog/mount runs and pvp.

Fast Foward to BFA and our numbers diminished but we were still going strong running mythics and raid.

Here we are now in 8.2. I had to take some time away from running my guild and unfortunately lost alot of players due to that. Most members are alts or just offline members.

I came back to my guild to try and rebuild the community that I had once aspired to do!

My goal is to engage members in that fun-friendly environment.

LF all classes/specs! Need people to run end game content with such as Mythic’s and Raid. We will do mog/mount runs, some pvp and island expeditions, and even help those that are leveling!

Raid days will be Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:00 pm EST

If you want a more laid back, casual enviornment feel free to message me for more information!!

Discord- Glidergirl90#7366

I look forward to speaking to you soon


Bump for luck!