Newbie looking for a casual guild


Hello I am amortentia and i’m looking for a casual laid back guild on bleeding hallow horde.

Here is some info about me to help guilds see if I may go well with their group.
I am extremely new I just started last week. I plan on focusing pve content and once I’m max level and know my character somewhat I would like to dip my feet into battlegrounds.


Hi Amortentia!

Found a Green Quest is located on Zul’Jin and is a year old casual Horde guild. We are looking for new, returning, and experienced member oh just want to have fun. We have an active discord, host leveling parties, dungeon runs both regular and mythic, bad joke Thursdays, and so much more. If this is something you could be intrested please feel free to message me!

Discord: Skylitnight#1896
Battletag: Skylitnight#11667


If you ever get tired of the dark side, the alliance also has cookies <3 battletag: Kiriin#1940 Greymane-Tanaris