New YELL/SAY addon channels throttled

Starting patch 1.13.3, the new YELL and SAY channels were added to C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage(). However, when addons use these channels, players are getting spammed with, “The number of messages that can be sent is limited.”

This does not happen with the pre-existing addon channels.


I’m having this issue. And it’s spamming my chat. Not sure which addon it is though as I’m mid raid.

It’s the anti spam feature for yell/say
I also noticed lastnight people walking around spewing data into SAY
must be badly made or badly updated addon?

Funny for an “anti-spam feature” to spam players. Joking aside, the addon channels are not normally visible to players. Through the proper usage of C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage(), neither are SAY and YELL.

It is possible to have an addon forward the contents of the addon channels to chat windows, but that’s skirting the boundaries of this discussion.