New year + new start = reroll opportunity?

Just gaging interest in a reroll. Specifics (sever, faction, start date) yet to be determined. Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve seen one. Always an easy time to level an alt or new toon.

Mid-expansion and patch now with newer content on the horizon can make it hard to find a fit with an existing guild.

Just checking interest!


I looked into this not too long ago. I’d be down if interest is finally there. :slight_smile:

Sounds like it could be a good time. Id join if there is enough interest.

I just started fresh for the new year. Id be interested too

Hey if you’re interested in rerolling and looking for a place to call home come check us out, we’re a fairly new guild that’s only been around for about 2 months!

Please add me if you decide to reroll! Love a fresh start! Rockets#11534

I would so be interested in this!

I would enjoy being apart of a reroll. Please add me Blood#1210

Any updates on this?

Definitely interested in a reroll. I am a returning player that did Heroic and some Mythic raiding for Aberrus and took a break for family. Would love to get back into things and rerolling sounds the best to me so we all grow together. Please add me if you get the interest! Bnet: Dadpool#11433 or Discord: Electricpanda5

Check out the info on Eclipsed Unity.

Almost up to the target count of 30 w/Eclipsed Unity.