New xfers to DD

Welcome to Deviate delight
This server is the best
We could use more horde


This server is the best! Come hordies……add to our supply of tauren steak!

and…if I were a smelly hordie, I would join landlubbers…they seem really cool. Don’t tell any gnomes I said that though…


Servers great, head buffs drop on the reg, evenings Org is brimming in a vanilla kind of way.

Leveling a new toon is horrible lol, so just transfer your 60

Seems to be a few ZG pugs roaming and bigger guilds don’t seem to have any hesitancy asking for help to fill out if needed

If you like to be spicy, check us out :slight_smile:

Need more orc females


Not really a transfer, but a reroll. Glad to be around, you guys are a bunch of fun folks.

ps: I’m totes an orc female.