New Wrathion Quest requirments

Make sure you’ve done all quests that pop up in the heart chamber, is my guess, as wrathions story line is a continuation of that.

All mine are done.

I’ve done everything except the level 70 HoA quest and Azshara. The patch notes just say “level 120 characters”. So I can’t imagine why it’s not available, unless it’s just a bug.

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Just killed Azshara in LFR it counts. I have the now.:grinning:

I dont have it and i did everything on that list except the raid Eternal Palace. I assume thats it, then. Sigh…

You need to finish the War Campaign and have complete the Circle of Stars quest (this requires you to defeat Za’qul and Azshara) to access this.


Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s weird I had already killed her on my Horde pally but didn’t get the quest.

Thanks for the info though.:smiley:

So you have to raid to see the story…


Bruh just LFR.


just finished the QUEST to kill Azshara in lfr mode and i now got the quest to talk to Kalecgos in the chamber of heart. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the confirmation. It did indeed pop up once I killed Azshara in LFR on my toon.

Do we have to do the requirements on each toon we want to do the quest on?


Thank you for the confirmation

I still have the quest in my log to kill her (haven’t turned it in) and I have the quest available to talk to Kalecgos. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t want to wait 1 hour in queue.


I did that and I haven’t gotten any notifications

What a load of BS ,raiding even LFR leaves my hands with pain its why i avoid them and also not bring others down with my low performance


aka wait for nobbel to post a video since the campaign is a waste of time



I’ve killed every boss in Normal TEP except Zaqul and completed my War Campaign and I have no quest from the Speaker. Gonna try and see if doing LFR Circle just to get a Zaqul kill to see if that triggers it. Will report back.


welp that writes me off the list of people that can do this, gg blizz, i dont have the time to lfr, the que times absimal and the groups are worse, i cant afford to have to seek a guild run just to do this one quest.