New Wrathion Quest requirments

hmm, i have those requirements completed and dont have the quest.

Yeah I’m having the same issue. I’m not getting the quest pop up.


I haven’t done the boss that is in the wing with Azshara so I am thinking maybe that is the issue. If so though, they need to stop giving erroneous info on what needs to be done.


That is what I am trying right now since I am the same

I’m at work atm, can anyone confirm it is accessible for people who got the AOTC TEP?
Cheers :slight_smile:

yea, i dont have the za’qul kill but i do have azshara kill (so dont have the achieve “circle of stars” either), will try it as well.

Let us know if it works!

Same, no circle of stars achieve but have killed azshara and finished the war campaign, don’t have the quest appearing. seems like blue isn’t entirely correct that azshara is the requirement, the achieve of her and za’qul is.

i feel folks like me who dont have time nor like doing raids are going to feel cheated by this. I was really looking forward to this quest but i really dont have the ability to sit in raid ques hours on end hoping to get a good run at circle.


This needs to be changed because its very poor breadcrumbing. Its not clear at all in the game why this quest is not available.


I have completed “circle of stars” and the quest isn’t showing up for me. Well isn’t this some poo!

All good, I found it

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Yeah, it’s been that way for 15 years. Welcome to World of Warcraft, new guy!

ATTN: I have now beaten ALL bosses in Eternal Palace at least once and beat the entire War Campain and the quest now shows up for me.

So I completed killing za’qul on this character, quest appeared. Another linked account has also killed azshara and has the achieve as well as finished the war campaign but the quest isn’t appearing, this account has also not killed za’qul. TLDR; achieve isn’t it, need the war campaign as well as at least killing za’qul and azshara, possibly the entire instance.

I’ve killed Azshara (but not Za’qul), turned in that quest to Jaina, and finished the War Campaign, but there’s no quest.

Just an update. I couldnt get the quest earlier, i had the war campaign finished, no other quests were avail on my alliance toon. I did LFR, the circle of stars. Defeated the queen, got the achieve. The npc earthin guardian has a quest now. So the achieve or at least queen kill is necessary.

Now i must take a break, that fight was crazy.

when I finished the lfr que a little bit ago i had not killed either za’qul or azshara on this character and when I got the circle of stars achievement ( those two bosses) the quest was there for me to pick up at the stone speaker guy over buy the scrapper in the harbor.

I have Killed Za’qul and Azshara, after completing the war campaign for the loyalist ending, I got no quest.

Submitted a ticket earlier and received this just a bit ago:

Thanks for reaching out to us about the new Magni/Wrathion quest chain starting with Whispers of N’zoth. In order to start this quest you must have finished both the War Campaign and have defeated Azshara in The Eternal Palace on at least LFR difficulty.

We appreciate your time and apologize for any confusion."

I doubt it’s a hour long, 20-30mins max for a DPS. Just log in que do your casual stuff and then it’ll pop before you’re done.