New WoW Classic Realms Are Open - Monday, August 26

Has anybody tried to launch the retail version while Classic sits in the queue? I’d like to play and pass the time, but I don’t want to lose my spot in the queue

I can’t even get logged into a server. I’ve been in queue for nearly two hours now. You know, since it went live.

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It will kick you from classic

Thanks Trystan, glad I didn’t try

Yo Blizz… can we get some more of them Pacific PVP realms please?
[insert Tyrone Biggums gif]

logged in and they say my realm is full. I have 3 char. there pre saved my names and it wants me to go to another realm. I lose my names? it says realm is medium not full.

i wonder what blizz offices look like right now

Thank you blizzard for tearing apart people who wanted to play together. ALL you had to do to avoid this was not fill servers up 1 at a time give us time to organize! Now it is WAY too late you keep popping up ohh move over here ITS TOO LATE how daft can you people be??? AT some point open them up if it is hype the tourist WILL LEAVE why must we wait for 10+ hours because you have no clue what you are doing?

Pls guys, i want to enjoy Wow Classic features, but not those queue waiting times! 1 hour waiting is kinda annoying

1 hour? I’ve been in the queue for more than 3 hours.

Same 3 hours 32 min and still at 8092

3 hours here and at least 4 or 5 hours more ahead, welcome to classic!


To quote my fav kidnapped reindeer, “Old Blanchy is CORE!” :+1:

Starting a Kromcrush discord so we can all say hi!

3 hours here and at least 4 or 5 hours more ahead, welcome to classic!

YO BLIZZARD CAN WE GET A PVP PACIFIC SERVER NAMED LICH KING or SYLVANAS PLEASE? lol I will move from Whitemane to there if that’s the case!!! :smiley: 11

I know there is little replying to this post will accomplish but I honestly just felt it necessary to convey my disappointment. Every server is full and has a queue. I know, because I clicked on every single one. Wait times ranging from 30 to over 1000 minutes. Stallag being one of the worst. I like many who followed your advice after reserving a single character name on Herod, changed to Stallag. I don’t presume to know how your plans for this launch were laid out, but I would say I think you seriously underestimated the number of people who would be looking to play Classic. As for me this evening; I’m done staring at an hours long timer since 5:45pm EST just to log into a game I pay for. I hope something can be done to rectify this oversite. Regards; Dev

decided for alliance? I don’t see anything about Fairbanks and Spirestone having a connection.