New WoW Classic Realms Are Open - Monday, August 26


Literally. I’m Alliance even, who wants to play on Old Blanchy? :rofl:


So all realms with the full status are expected to have long queues, but you aren’t releasing the new servers until launch? So…how do you expect anyone to leave their current servers? I didn’t sub early to make my character on launch day, I expected to log right in and play since I paid for the name reservation.

(Moonwizardx) #19

No east-coast RPPVP?


Launch is the 27th so it’s the day before.

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I already deleted my herod names and moved on stalagg like the first time you asked. No way I’m doing it again especially when the realms open up after people have 50 names they can reserve.


Thank you and nice names!

By the way, are those times EST or PST? (Edit: 1 PM EST? Lol I’m gonna have to time my lunch break to coincide with this…)


It was Mister Bigglesworth.

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This kills Blowmew.


Now everyone saying they where gonna jump the est pve server as soon as another opened better do so. ty blizzard.

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No, the 1 rppvp realm that already exists is still sitting at medium even tho it was with the first batch of servers launched.

It needs to go to high or full before another one is created.


Launch is the 26th for me at 6pm


…“Mr. Old Blanchy, maybe?” :yum:


they are opening servers 5 hours before launch


Better names this time. Not too bad.


IN EUROPE 10 chars

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Haha Bigglesworth is awsome.

Think I might be making one final move to Incendius


Those sync to your time, its 10AM PDT. Servers open at 3PM PDT that day.


Also thanks so much for the advance notice. It really helps a lot more people than you’d think.


6pm EST. 3PM PST Monday, Jan 26


It’s 2019 and the internet has come a very long way ping will be manageable from EST and there are plenty of EST guilds on Grob