New weather?

(I can’t find an article on it) Are new weather effects out and about? I thought this was supposed to be a city thing, have there been some zone changes as well?

I’m having some odd graphical bad stuff happening and I’m trying to track it down. I think I saw something snow-ish in bastion and something like a snow-fire-storm in the maw when I was having problems.

Shadowlands zones have their own form of weather. What you described sounds like the occasional weather out in those areas.

Revendreth occasionally has a rain of sparks in the Ember Ward, and Maldraxxus has its own, green soul rain!

I know there is talk of adding weather effects to the major city hubs next patch. I not out in the old world enough to notice weather changes there.

curious … I never really noticed it before … maybe it’s unrelated to the problems I’m having


  • Added weather effects in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.

Perhaps this is what you are thinking of.

yeah … I’m wondering if it impacts how they handle existing weather systems

but again I’m pretty early in the process, keeping an eye on it

Are you talking about PTR? This is a change in the next patch, it should not affect weather in the live game.

not sure if the PTR is up yet, i dont have it installed.

(retail) issue only involves 1 char during game weather, enh sham, so weird, other chars have the same settings. so kind of flailing about grasping at straws. updating stuff, resetting deleting stuff and so on.

thanks for the information.