New way, How to fix Layering! Must Read

They could fix that by locking you out of looting anything except for on your home/default layer

Which is why I said Gurubashi Arena forces every1 onto the same layer in ex #1.

Anything else besides resources?

They can just make it so u can’t layer hop while in combat.

“besides resources” kind of ignores the actual “multiplying resources” problem. Gurubashi is an example not the sum total. Hopping layers to farm Black Lotus, Devilsaurs, Copper Nodes, Peacebloom, Level 20 Rare Mobs and any other thing that is of limited quantity in the world is a problem.

Layering is better at it than Dynamic Respawns, but it still suffers the exploit.

Why make it more convoluted? Put a debuff of 30 mins on layer hopping or a max of 3 times a day and be done with it. Exploit problem solved. Oh that’s too long? Guess everyone shouldn’t have been so keen on abusing it. /shrug

30 minutes, plus you have to enter a Rested Zone to change layers :wink:

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In my fix, Black Lotus+Devilsaurs are only available on Layer 1.

We can put a timer so if you layer hop and mine/herb something within 5 mins of hopping then you cannot layer hop again for 10 mins.

I would not put a limit on it per day. It still needs to be open enough to be able to play with friends and so on.

Avoiding PvP, pseudo-stealthing through areas or to randomly appear for PvP, and various other things that may yet to be discovered by abusing layer hopping.

You still end up treating layers as a single server by doing this. Layers are multiple servers. Multiple servers need a 1 to 1 ratio of resources. So every layer needs to have there own resources.

Yes! The rested area throws a big wrench in the cogs. This problem is not insurmountable. Nor does it need to be a complicated fix.
I employ the Kiss methodology.

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Only for the higher levels 45-60.

Hale and Pace: We’re not going to microwave a cat on public television… so here’s one we did earlier.

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Which still leads to the problem they are looking to avoid with servers crashing, increased queue times, and so forth. Layers are servers. Servers are set to have a specified amount of players in it. Layers merely bypass the queues and crashes by artificially creating servers that interact with each other. No matter what, layers can not be changed in any capacity for this reason.

How many times are those same friends going to already be on the same layer? How many different groups are you going to join in say a 2 hour gaming session?
While leveling you’re likely to form many different groups a day but at end game how many different dungeon groups you think we will average?
I get there needs to be some flexibility for that very reason but honestly I dont see much need to form more than a few different groups a day.
Even leveling. Most of the time you will group with randoms you meet in the world. Already on the same layer. So i think a cap would work but the best thing I think is a debuff and having to be in a rested area.

If nothing else, I find that Layering is far more preferable to Sharding or CRZ. Both of which really suck for RP. It’s far from perfect and I look forward to having nothing separating people on the same server, but it’s the best we can do for mitigating the launch rush.


I am really scared that the reason they implemented layering is because their modern server architecture just can’t handle the same number of people as it did back in vanilla.

They have set up their modern servers to work well with CRZ not the old system. Which I hope they are not trying to introduce layering to bridge that gap.

They need to fix the gap if that is the case and not skirt around the issue.

Percentage wise, not even 1/4th of the server will be 45+ b4 layering gets removed. This Method keeps endgame how it was in original Vanilla WoW.

Unless you can 100% prove this, it is just conjecture.

Just an estimate. The majority of players won’t hit 60 till phase 2 or after. Nothing new, the data has been collected already from the past.

But not for Classic. Any word spoken about numbers at launch, dropping, where everybody will be in time just comes off as nothing but conjecture. Even Blizz saying they expect tourists to drop off is still a guess and thus conjecture. They don’t even know what could actually happen. It could pop them up to 10million+ subs again for all they know.

Technologically, our servers have the ability to have many more players online than they did, back in 15 years ago. Where we run into challenges though, is the physical space of the world, for gameplay.

Patrick: We’re actually looking into this specifically.

This section talks about how Vanilla’s n-squared issues are far simpler than BfA, allowing them to host far far more people in one area.