New updated talent tree and outlaw rogue

Whilst there are some nice changes, mainly making cheat death more baseline, they seem to have pushed harder for echo-reprimand play style. Can’t say I’m a big fan of it.

I know people will say ya but you will play the right side of the tree instead which is more stealth in and out ambush playstyle but to me that isn’t outlaw. Outlaw should have very little if any stealth as it’s a toe to toe swashbuckler fantasy. If I wanted stealth gameplay, I would play sub or even assin.

Very likely to re-roll away from rogue from these past changes, just when the tree seemed really good they go and do this.

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The changes for Sub are terrible. Also I dont know if its a bug but nightdstalker there like 2 times at 2 different place. Same for Improved Ambush

It’s not that bad. Thinking of the below for talents as sub tbh

https:// abload. de/image.php?img=screenshot2022-09-221t1cho.png

and if the ER doesnt work out, i can still get Cheat Death and go down the far left tree for Thistle. I’m fairly confident in this updated build though for both trees