New UI feedback

Here is my feedback based on the new UI on the PTR. Wish list:


  • More options for font size in the chat frame as well as the ability to re-size the frame whether it’s inside or outside of edit mode. Also, the tooltip box that appears when selecting the chat frame in edit mode appears on the far right for me as opposed to close to the frame itself like the other UI elements

  • Add a chat command “/ui” for example to enter edit mode

Unit Frames:

  • Ability to resize the party frames as well as modify if you want to show health and power resource numbers (ideally all the text could be re-sizeable as well and moveable on the XY axes). Being able to show or not show the player’s level on the frame would be nice too

  • Ability to sort raid frames by group, as well as by role in their direction and order of appearance


  • Ability to make the action bar buttons be square instead of rounded on the corners, as well as the ability to remove all borders so that only the ability shows and not the gray border surrounding the icon

  • More options for icon padding that go down to 0 or even lower

  • Ability to make actionbars only appear on mouseover whether in combat or not

  • PLEASE add more action bars and make it so the bars are 1-12 or whatever and remove the naming of “right side bar 1, right side bar 2”

  • Please allow for snapping bars together by holding down a key like shift, snapping from top, bottom, left or right

  • Please add the ability to move actionbars by 1 pixel at a time with arrows on the XY axes

  • Please let us customize the font of the ability count and the keybind

Other UI elements:

  • Ability to re-size the map and to add a “friends online” icon along the bar of the clock and such which could be clicked to access the friendslist

  • Ability to move and re-size the quest tracker

  • Ability to hide the bag and mini bars or have them be mouseover which would be nice as an option

  • Ability to move all panels that are on the minibar like character frame, talents, LFG, etc (ideally outside of edit mode and the ability to lock them and unlock them next to the red X)

I would finally like to request an update to the macro frame, such as ability to search for specific icons, the ability to re-size the frame to see more macros at once, and some sort of pre-set options to make creating macros easier for newer players or ones who typically only know how to copy paste macros from a fan site.

Overall, great work so far!


This is there… given Blizzard’s penchant to NOT provide any documentation, you have to hunt around for stuff until you memorize where it is.

Party/Raid Frame Size: Click a check-mark in the Party Frames box… then right-click the actual Party Frames (on the left side by default). You should have options for: a) Raid-style party frames, b) frame width, c) frame height, d) horizontal (vs vertical) groups, and e) border (yes/no).

Health/Power Values: Option / Raid Profiles, check the box that says Display Power Bars. Options / Interface / Display, set Status Text to Both.

Once Party Frames are showing on the left side, Check Raid Frames and uncheck Party Frames. Right-click the Raid Frames (on the left by default). Uncheck “Keep Groups Together”. Sort by - pick by Group or by Role.

I agree with all your other comments, but this is a good starting point that’s accessible to everyone without add-ons. Still they have to draw a line on dev resource allocation somewhere so I get it if we don’t have all these features in 10.0 (hopefully by 10.2 or 10.3 and not having to wait until 11.0).


This so much.

Also the ability to copy profiles or to import one profile setup into another.

EDIT: And the ability to move the XP bar. It shouldn’t just be stuck at the bottom of the screen. Bartender let us move the XP bar.


When you choose the drop-down menu for Layout, there is an Import and Share option at the bottom of that menu. This actually seems to work as I exported my setup on Beta and imported it to PTR. Import/Export for the Talent Trees didn’t go as well (say import string is out of date :frowning: ).


I think they meant more like Elvui where you can easily switch between profiles and copy the settings over to override them and such

It surely seems like you can do that… when you choose a new layout the currently selected layout is copied over, then you can override stuff and save it into your newly named layout.

Switching profiles is pretty easy off the HUD Edit Menu Layout drop-down but it would be nice if you could make a keybind to do it without going into edit mode. Maybe you could make a macro/script for it but I’m not knowledgeable on that kind of stuff (I just copy what others post for macros/scripts).

Need more action bars. I can only find 5.


Yeah, this would be nice. And just remove the minimum limits in general.

I wanted to make Action Bar 3 just two big buttons and put my flying and ground mount on it, but for some reason the minimum is 6 buttons on a bar? Just seems weird and arbitrary.


Agree with more action bars like bartender provides.

At the moment only a max of 3 at the bottom of screen…id like at least 4, especially since some classes will have way more buttons in DF.


Another issue I have run into with the new ui, (maybe you all have a workaround that I don’t know of) is that the side action bars seem to overlap with the quest tracker and there is no way to move it.


I was also very disappointed by the lack of action bars and the naming of them.

Blizzard can’t give me 30 class abilities, consumes, hundreds of toys and mounts, professions, and more, and then only 5 action bars total.


I agree, quest tracker should definitely be moveable, and possible re-skinned and re-worked a bit. I wish I could make it take up A LOT less space and have the font a bit smaller as well. It just takes up so much space.


Theres an option called something like ‘snap to right side’ that will fix that for those bars. Not ideal but it works for now.

Where would I find that? I’ve looked all over interface and found no way to move it.

Blizzard, can you please just add a button that lets us use the old UI that we’ve had for 17 years. I’ve used that UI from the first day of vanilla and I’ve gotten cutting edge every tier with it. I find the new UI to not be to my liking at all and would like a way to revert to the OG. I know many people who feel the same way

I understand wanting to make your game look new and fresh. That’s just fine for attracting new players, but please give some of us veterans the options to stick with what we know and love


When I click on the right bars, the window pops up with the ‘snap to right side’ option like so:

With that enabled, the quest log will position itself so as to not overlap the bars, otherwise they cover it. I havent found anyway to actually move the quest log.

Snap to right disabled on both bars:

And enabled on both bars:


Sweet thanks for this.

I do hope Blizzard does allow the quest tracker to be moved separately because I’d still prefer to have those 2 bars closer to each other then what that option sets it at.

Is there a way to get the Target’s Cast Bar above the portrait? It’s too far down by default when you have its target showing up too. I like my portraits close to center, but its too high up right now because I can’t see the enemy cast bar. I can put my target’s buffs above the portrait, I like to swap that and put the cast bar above it instead.

SNAPPING!! This really needs to happen… Bar snapping and grid snapping is essential.

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Had a play around with it today and it looks poorly designed. Looks like it was designed as a mobile game honestly.

The mini map is too big and I can’t figure out how to make it smaller, I’d also like to change its shape and possibly its skin.

The player frame is some odd monochrome looking thing while the target and focus frames are still the old looking design yet somehow worse.

The chat box is fine other than the fact that I can’t put the typing box on the top and move the whole box all the way down.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but I can’t use the party/raid frames as a single player.

Not a fan of the new cast bar.

A lot of my issues aren’t a big deal, it’s just that I’m used to the ui a certain way and I’d like the ability to keep even all the old skins with the new functionality, that’d be perfect for me.