New Trinkets in PvP

We pay money to PvP… i mean cmon common sense here that they need to address other issues if they want people to continue to pay for this game that is the point, its not that people are not happy with some of the changes but the fact that there are more issues that need attention. Maybe your mom pays for you to play?

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Too little too late. Many other serious issues still remain. Further issues are to come.

Simply put.

Has there been an expac where the vast majority of your damage doesn’t come from your spell book?

I remember RMP in wotlk with the lightning engineering trinket, or lightning capacitor in tbc etc etc

but the break downs I see now smh.

off note why am I getting declined for islands at 449 ilvl fml

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So, the title says “for PVP”, but can we get them that way? How about make several more of them only available for us, those who only PVP? If it is going to count where we are, remember, all the verse we stack is worthless in your PVE so you already make us re-enchant to be “okay” by raid leaders, what about making PVE players do that in PVP too?

Yeah, to get the herioc, you have to make Challenger, Mythic, Duelist. Or how about just maintain an MMR above even 1500 for two weeks. LOL, right. Like that will ever happen.

Why not nerfing everything by 80%? I mean, only old trinkets are getting hard nerfs… the new ones remains available.

yo im fine with guardian nerfs; tanks in pvp are pretty lame. But also that’s garbage, because it auto loses to wizards. Looking @ R1 there were 0 guardians, and over half the R1 teams were rogue mage. It’s fine to hate bears and 15 minute games, but not acknowledging RMPala is broken is just plain ignorance.


Wait a non healing spec can use it & it gets the same healing effects as a healing spec? I didn’t even realize that till now. It is a very strong trinket, but I mean it’s been around since day 1.

My whole team wearing that vers trinket w shield proc.

Lootable on all specs. Everyone will have them week 2

That snare trinket will be mandatory if you’re playing with a disc.

Unless rogue/mage because they don’t follow the rules. Or until a monk RoP out of it then proceeds to slap that big W key.

Dude’s probably used to having about 1.5-3% uptime on people to get it to proc.

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Hotfixes today


nice :+1:

ty for the alert :~)

Whew… Another PvE thing I don’t have to grind for PvP.

Or is it still strong even after a 50% nerf?

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Some people say these trinkets are still gonna be worth getting still. That’s what I’ve heard, I have no idea tbh.

When they nerfed diamond barrier 50% (then it was nerfed to 70% shortly after) no one used it then. Most of them are nerfed 70%. So I doubt it to be honest. Some specs might still but everyone will use battlemaster/safeguard with badge or some other pve damage trinket.

Wanted to add that the Mechagon heal trinket just got nerfed by 50% too

the 2 new raid trinkets are out of this world strong and hardly nerfed at all

sporepods/mecha/urchin wont be worth

but the 2 new ones? easily best trinkets in the game for most specs :frowning:

This one if you can get one from clearing a 15+, it will be worth it guaranteed

oh wow they actually made another pvp change? I stand corrected.

holy crap, that is exactly what i thought too…like hawt dayum

This is exactly the class balance vanilla WoW had in it,…with Ion Hazzikostas at the ready and the Q&A team cut into 1/10 of what it was, don’t expect any class balances for PvP any time soon this expansion.

*Blizzard is going to outright skip patch 8.3.5 and gonna go straight to 9.0 after this patch.


It’s obvious at this point blizzard wants us to experience both sides of the game since they can’t concentrate any of their dev work on PvP balancing. So this is the best we’ll get