New treasure mission disapeared

(Moonstin) #1

So I finished my island cap last night and got the new special mission, think it was for 2000 AP? I didn’t start it right away because my followers were already out on missions. This morning I went and looked and the mission is already gone…is there any way to get it back or am I just screwed?


Same for me. The quest only lasted 10 hours. Is possible to have it back and how?

(Moonstin) #3

So I put in a ticket about this. The reply basically said you need to have all your followers not on missions when you get the treasure map because it has a short duration. How are we supposed to know this when there is no patch notes about it? The fact that there is a thread on reddit about undocumented changes of 8.1 with 1300 comments is proof of how completely out of touch they have been with BFA. Every time they make a giant mistake or error we’re expected to just take it with an “oops we’ll do better next time teehee!”

(Aimmee) #4

I put in a ticket as well. The GM was actually really condescending and rude. They have since hotfixed this, so I think they owe something to those of us that missed out. How terrible for us to excitedly engage in their new content right away only to be punished for doing so. Ticks me off. There should be some reward for dealing with their crappy bugs.


Blizzard development team has the ability to refund the mission item for us but doesn’t care enough to it seems. So through no fault of our own, we’re paying their salaries to get screwed out of the content. I have put in multiple tickets on the matter, had a forum thread removed as trolling because I expect better service like what we used to get a long time ago and sarcastic anger to comments from other players telling you it’s your fault falls under that no-no. Just got off the phone with a representative and his boss to be told, in short, we’re SOL and will not be compensated for their mess-ups.

You can try doing what I’m going to and get in contact with the BBB about this.

(Moonstin) #6

Yeah I put in another ticket and they were not helpful at all. Basically just said yeah, you’re screwed out of it. Like I said earlier, if they had put in the patch notes the mission was such a short duration I would have known not to send my followers out. Instead we were punished for trying to do the new content on patch release before they realized their mistake.