New to WoW Classic - Warrior Advice

Hey guys, I wanted your advice on making a warrior.

I was debating on making a class I can farm with first like a hunter before leveling my Warrior.

I heard leveling a warrior is a pain, so I figured having a farming lv 60 first for gold would be a better idea before going all-in with a Warrior.

Your thoughts?

You’re going to spend 10-15 days leveling to 60, so keep that in mind before deciding whether to level the class you don’t want to play first…


Play warrior. They play fine if you do quests and such.

It’ll take way longer if you level another first instead of play what you really want.

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If you want to save yourself 5000-10000g as a warrior, make sure you’re an Orc on Horde or a Human on Alliance.


If you want a class you can farm with, play mage.


Edge master is still bis for all races.

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leveling warriors is kind of slow cause of the down time waiting on rage to build.

but yeah this. just play the class you want to play and start farming gold. and since youre a warrior you will be accepted into mostly every group you come across. but if you really want you can just get boosted to 60, but id advise against it as you will burn out on the game fast.

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As always it depends what YOU want out of the game.

Creating a warrior right now as your first 60 with the goal of being viable in the current endgame is most likely not going to work out well unless you are willing to spent an insane amount of effort and/or are fed gear & gold by other players.

At the lower end of raiding warriors also do not perform as well - they are incredibly gear dependent and shine with world buffs and heavy consumables.

If you want to go hard I’d recommend leveling a mage to farm gold for your warrior. Although that, too, will take you a long time, it will be a lot less /played to get caught up. Ideally you have 2 accounts so you can farm on the mage whilst paying for boosts/carries on your warrior.

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No it’s not. Weapon skill is really only critical to get to 305. Up to 308 it has an acceptable boost to white attacks due to a reduction in glancing blow penalty, but that’s not a massive deal to a Warrior because of Heroic Strike. After 308 weapon skill is just trash.

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Based on what?

Any good pair of gauntlets should sim higher than Edgemasters for an Orc or Human using two axes or two swords/maces.

And Gauntlets of Annihilation should sim much higher. Plus as far as humans go, they have Mala and AWH if they want to hit the cap for glancing blow penalty reduction on swords/maces; absolutely no need for Edgemasters there.

Really only an Orc wielding Thunderfury would “need” Edgemasters, and that’s a pretty unique case.

I rolled Tauren because I played one in vanilla and didn’t mind grinding out the 5k gold for Edgemasters.

But if OP is already thinking about saving himself gold, he should take the +5 weapon skill and just roll an Orc or Human and then just get himself Sacrifical Gauntlets/Flameguard and eventually Gauntlets of Annihilation.

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Does it matter for Bow skills? Trolls get 5bow.

wanna be a warrior? stack hit str and crit in that order cos a warrior is a heavy gear dependant class you will see yourself face down a lot especially when facing npc casters

Ranged isn’t affected by glancing blows but does get the +5 weapon skill benefit of needing 3% less hit elsewhere. Not as big of a deal though for hunters with the 3% scope and 2% hit from leg+helm ZG enchants. Weapon skill above 305 is unnecessary on a hunter and even 305 isn’t required. Just use strongest weapon regardless of racial.

I leveled this Warrior with no real twinking other than asking a higher level in Hillsbrad to help me kill the guy for my whirlwind axe. I don’t really play him as I have a Druid main that I’m more committed to and I have pretty limited time. That being said I thought Warrior was really fast…I never understood why everyone said it was slow. I’d kill 5-6 mobs before needing to bandage, which was no slower than shifting out every 2-3 kills to heal up on my Druid and shift back. The only downside was earlier on, I kindof died a lot.

I’m a huge proponent for leveling the class you want to play. I don’t understand wasting time on a character just to farm.

Honest opinion, not trolling or being a d*ck at all, do NOT roll a warrior. 15-20 warriors in each raid, gear is EXTREMELY competitive, there’s just WAY too many in classic. If you want a farming toon, roll a mage or a hunter.

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One thing I will say, despite what guides tell you, DW is completely viable and on paper does better dps than 2h even while leveling. It also feels a whole hell of a lot better because you are hitting much more often and generating a lot more rage so you can use abilities much more.

Stick to mobs your level or a level or two below and you will cut downtime by a lot because of how much faster you kill them and how much less damage you take per mob.

But there are a number of decent farms available to warriors to get gold if you want to so you shouldn’t need an alt for farming gold.

I mean, the game is supposed to be fun, I would choose the class you want to play rather than pick one you think is going to be in demand or better. You can find a raid group as any class, just maybe not one that’s hypercompetitive. A warrior is actually one of the few classes I haven’t tried so I can’t really comment on it specifically, but you generally get a feel for whether you like a class by level 20 or so. You may not even end up liking warrior, I thought I was going to love playing a warlock and it turns out I hated it.

Leveling a warrior at launch and farming gold is no issue. I have no alts and no issues with gold.

But I farmed pre-bis with others who needed it and always stayed ahead of the gear-curve. At this point I can solo DME or make 150g/hr with a paladin.

As a warrior hitting 60 right now you most likely won’t have people farming pieces like SGC and HoJ with you for days and you don’t have the gear to do jump-runs as efficiently as those around you. Sure, you still “can” do it but unless I am sleeping on something I can’t see a fresh 60 warrior catching up to current standards without significant help or massive time-commitment.

This is if you want to raid AQ40 in the near future on that warrior (and not get completely carried.)

If its your first time playing classic and you want to play warrior just play warrior. Leveling will take you several days played and u may decide you don’t like it, so just play whatever u most want.

Whirlwind Axe at 30 and Ice Barbed Spear at 51 would say otherwise.

I leveled 2 warriors. This one was DW all the way up because I liked the style. Also having a 1her and shid to tank was useful.

Second warrior was 2h Arms, and Sweeping Strikes into a Whirlwind was insane dps. Also lots of fun. No way a DW warrior could keep up unless they majorly out geared. And those two 2hers are guaranteed from quests.