New to server!

Hello all! I just rolled here to see if there was any rp. I see you are a medium pop server not connected to any others. I know this particular time of the expansion is bound to be a bit slow. But I am hoping for new friends and maybe some good storyline rp.

I use TRP3 and I am friendly and open. I am not enthusiastic about upper-level content. I liked Legion, and as soon as I can do so on here I will roll a Demon Hunter. If I get enough response, I will do a DK to generate some income. As a new person to the realm, I don’t have a lot of gold.

Mainly I love rp and getting immersed in the world as one of its many inhabitants, with a backstory that is at least lore neutral to completely compliant. (Or at least sensible, as far as Blizzard and its constant retconning goes!)

So who wants a friendly little warlock who likes to tell Tarot card fortunes to join their rp guild?

Here is my Horde side character! I also made a DK, named Rivias to start generating some gold.

I have a few questions. Is there an in game chat channel for rpers? Do you have a realm discord?

Looks like you folks have given up on rp here. I was hoping to make some new friends. No response is very discouraging.

haven’t checked these forms for a while. but welcome to the server, it’s mostly quiet, but you might find a guild like that probably. I don’t see a lot of RP going on, but i’m sure it exists here.

I’m almost always down for some RP if you find me! My guild isn’t RP focused though. It is sad there isn’t a ton of RP on the server but there are a few of us out there! I think Barbro is also trying to get some stuff going again on Sundays.

I have a lot of alts here too, all of which are fleshed out story-wise and ready to do stuff!