New to server looking for home

I have recently returned to retail and am looking for a new spot to enjoy the game. I have aspirations to be on a mythic team but have mostly done AOTC pushes on various characters in different roles. I would like to find a place to dps or fill tank. My two options on the server atm are my Death Knight (whom is more geared) or my Druid. I am looking for something between 6 pm and 10 pm est. times are a little flex able but not to much.

Some stuff about me. I am 33 years old and a manager at a kitchen so I am kinda set in stone with my work schedule. Days off can vary but my shifts are no less then 9 hours most days. I am married to some one who is still hooked on classic but may come back to live some time down the road. My wow carreer started back in vanilla and have ran reg h and mythic content (not much xp in EP due to break). I have been an officer and just a reg scrub.

I am mostly looking for something for the next teir as i am currently gearing up both the DK and the Druid as balance.

If I sound like someone that may work for your team feel free to reach out and we can talk.

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Hey Turtleshell,

My guild is new and focused more on 8.3 than current tier. While we wait we’re running heroic raid and mythic keys daily.

Our tentative raid schedule for 8.3 is Tue/Wed/Thur 7:30 to 10:30. Our current schedule is similar.

I’m sure you have more questions and I dont want to flood your thread with a long post so please msg me at
Discord: Soleios#0001 or

Nocturnal Sun on Area52 has team recruiting for AotC, we will do mythic once AotC is done. Looking for raiders committed to personal improvement, as well as contributing to a fun team environment. We also take social apps for those not wanting to commit to raiding!

Raid times:
-Sat & Sun 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Team Goals:
-AoTC & Mythic Progression at our pace. As we are not in any sort of race mythic progression will be done at a pace that feels comfortable to the team once we reach our goal of AotC.

Team Needs:
High priority to healers or dps with heal off spec, high need for melee classes though DPS of all kinds please contact Jess, exceptional dps will always be considered!

Requirements – Min ilvl of 400 and min neck level of 50 for normal clears, basic knowledge of fights.

About Nocturnal Sun:
-We are a team that has been raiding together since Uldir, we are friends that enjoy each other company and raiding together.

Uldir AoTC 4/8M
BoD AoTC 4/9M

  • We are an adult guild, if the occasional joking with each other and swearing bother you then we aren’t the guild for you!
    -We consider the enjoyment of the game and loyalty more important then your parse!

Team Expectations:
-We expect all raiders to hold themselves accountable, take ownership of your mistakes and learn from them. Help is always available if you aren’t understanding something or need clarification.
-We expect each team member to come prepared knowing the strategies for each boss before entering raid by looking at strat/kill videos/warcraftlogs replays.
-We expect all raiders to be able to take constructive criticism well so they can look into their own logs/wowanalyzer to improve their gameplay wherever it is needed.
-We expect raiders to have appropriate addons installed and updated before raid; we use Angry Assignments, GTFO and Weak Auras - this is not optional.

To apply contact:
-Jesseika#11484 (Discord Jesseika#6725) Jessieka
-Shadowiz128#1805 (Discord Shadowiz#3133) Shadowiz
Or fill out an app here

Hey Turtle,

Our guild is in need of an off-tank (who can also dps if we want to switch roles around). We are 3/8M EP. Raid nights are T/Th 8:30-11:30 EST.

We get AotC every tier and push into Mythic at our own pace with the hopes of getting CE if we can. Our guild consists of working adults/parents and college students. We are a pretty sarcastic, joking bunch. We’ve been raiding together since early Legion and have been a pretty solid team due to our community (heavy use of discord…shootin the sht and whatnot). Many of us play other games and just hang out in discord on off raid nights.

You can check out our guild spam (www. wowprogress. com/guild/us/area-52/Business+of+Ferrets) for more details

Contact me if you’re interested @ Bnet: Marm#11639 / Discord: Marm#9682


Standard guild spam is below, let me know if you’d like to chat!

Chemical Imbalance is looking for more skilled raiders for 8.3 and beyond. As I am sure most of you have felt the pain of people both being burnt out by BfA and wanting to play classic, we are focusing on building up our roster for future content.

We are looking for raiders who are committed to progression, both for their character and for the guild. What does this mean? We are not a super serious, high stress CE guild, but we still want people performing their best while having a good time. If you were the type of player who only logged on for raids, didn’t tell leadership if you would be out, or played around on alts while your neck got farther and farther behind, you are not the type of player we are looking for.

We hope to strike a good balance between focused progression and sarcastic banter. We do not want people looking to get AOTC and never raid again.

That being said, we have been around as a guild in various forms since The Burning Crusade and plan to be together for many more years. We have reliably gotten AOTC every tier since its inception and plan on pushing harder going forward, we need like-minded players to accomplish this :blush:

Current progression:

8/8 N EP
8/8 H EP
2/8 M EP-We do this as a co-op run every Saturday, we just started this due to roster struggles.

Raid schedule:

Friday and Saturday 9:00-12:00am EST(server time)

We are full on:

Demon Hunters

All other DPS roles highly encouraged to apply!

If interested please feel free to contact.

Hello there fellow gamer

Are you interested in joining a multi gaming community that plays more then World of Warcraft? Offers much more then just come on and PvE or PvP types of gaming? Looking for lots of different members over lots of different games?

Well come and check out Evolved

In the World of Warcraft Horde side of things on Area 52 we can offer

Leveling, Questing and Dungeons
Lots of members are always making new toons and leveling through questing and dungeons. Some times thats all they do and thats perfect. We want Evolved to be a place where you come and play with lots of different types of WoW players.

Mythic Plus
Looking to challenge your self with some higher end Dungeons through the mythic plus system. We have lots of great people that do this all the time… Getting plus 10 keys for our members through out the week. Also always willing to help out and teach you the ins and outs of a dungeons. All you have to do is ask

Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:30 PM server time (EST). Optional raid night Fridays from 8:30 to 10:30 PM server time. We progress through Normal and Heroic content getting AOTC before the next raid tier…

Always looking for Tanks and Healers with Offspec. As well as any DPS class!!

We also have an Open raid for all members of Evolved. This is where we take a small step back and give back to our community to the members that don’t like to do progression style raiding. This all happens on Sundays around 5pm pst…

Need More Info
If this sounds like it would be a good home for you and you wish to apply or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the recruitment officers through BNet Kalysta#1968, Maliraptor#11187 or Discord Aellice#1735, Cav#5841, . You can also do a /who Evolved gaming and whisper any member to talk to an officer

You can also check out evolvedgaming .org for more information!

We also have a Alliance sister guild on Proudmoore, Elder Scrolls Online, FFXIV, and various other games such as Wow Classic Horde (Whitemane), Apex Legends, Anthem, Overwatch, Boarder lands 3, Division 2, and more! If you enjoy playing different games and staying with the same community, Evolved might be the perfect home for you!!