New to RP LF friendly acive horde guild

I like to raid, mythic+, and pvp. I don’t RP but it is something I have wanted to do in the past. Let me know if you have a guild that fits my needs. You can also in-game whisper me I am often online.


Hey friend.

I haven’t been on many of these threads recently because of how busy I’ve been, but I can say that Hand of Algalon (is that right? Ulduar boss.) would probably be the first go-to. They are light-medium RP and they focus on the other aspects moreso. That said, they don’t grief, and the leadership keeps everything tidy.

Not many guilds shoot out at me immediately, but I do suggest taking a look at the Horde Guild Directory. It’s a much better search than doing the in-game outdated system.

Hope this all helps!



Bul posted a great resource for finding a guild!

If you are still looking for some fun people to rp with and make friends/connections rp wise feel free to check out Friendship Funday! Weekly events every Sunday to help new players, returning players, and anyone looking for some rp in a small casual atmosphere!

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