New to Rogue

just leveled up my rogue finally. I’m playing assassination and was curious what the best talent setup is, I don’t want the icyveins copypasta if its not what the actual rogue mains use as well. tips and tricks are helpful too. what professions do you guys usually run on rogue too? alchemy/herb?

Assassin has a decent amount of viable specs that can do well.

Keys and raids are different.

Keys - Shrouded Suffocation x3, Echoing Blade x2, Twist the Knife x1 is pretty much the dream.

Raids - On pure single target fights; 3x Double Dose, 2x Nothing Personal(or 1x NP and 1x engineer enlarger) and 1x Twist the Knife.

My rogue friend does pretty good with a mix of the two. I think he runs 1x Shrouded, 2x Double Dose, 1x engineer enlarger trait(on the helm) 1x Twist and the one for the new raid. Shadow something.

On fights with adds you’ll want something similar to the key build. Hivemind for instance is AoE heavy AF so I just run my key build and keep dots on the key targets.

The only talent that changes is the second row, Subterfuge if running Shrouded, Master Assassin if not.

Only trades that will help your actual character is engineering for the 480 azerite helm and leatherworking/jewelcrafting to make your armor or rings

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