New to pet battles


I am new to pet battles, but since Pet Battles are giving faction rewards on Mechagon and Nazjatar I thought I would give them a try.

My Question is: What pets should I have a maximum level in order to complete the daily quests? Are there a core 10 or 15 I need to be successful? Are they all easy to obtain, or is there a grind involved?

Thank you for your time in advance, I know I am coming to the party late and hoping for wisdom…




The daily legendary quests on Mechagon and Nazjatar can be done with a Voodoo Figurine, Infected Squirrel, and a 3rd undead pet that has abilities that’re strong against the legendary you’d be facing.


Against the Mechagon and Nazjatar battles I’ve been frequently using Unborn Val’kyr, rabbits/hares, Ikky, falcosaurs, Long-Eared Owl and the above-mentioned Infected Squirrel.

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Like others have said you want Unborn Valkyr (HH preferably but I get by with a BB), an Ikky or two (Upgrade him to rare!), and Falcosaurs. The kneebiters from the island in Pandaria are good too. Lil’ Bling demolishes the electric worm.


Boneshard + Foulfeather + Almost any 25 flying (possibly just another Foulfeather)


Start with Boneshard
Use Blistering Cold + Chop until Boneshard dies
Bring in Foulfeather
Black Claw followed by Flock
You probably just won
Backup pet does backup things

Boneshard+Foulfeather available on the AH for probably less than 2000g
Already Rare, no need to upgrade if you don’t have upgrade stones
Fixed breeds mean you don’t have to fish for specific pet stats
Will detonate every new legendary battle with little effort

They start at level 1, so you’ll need to level or pay more gold for 25s
Sometimes Boneshard takes too long to die, remedied by using Bonestorm in his third ability slot to kill himself.

Pretty much the only legendary fight that’s going to give you trouble is Unit 17 on Mechagon. Everything else should get smushed real good.

If you don’t want to buy a third pet, go to Pandaria and capture an uncommon/rare firefly pet from Jade Forest/Krasarang wilds/Vale of Eternal Blossoms. They start at level 22 and will fulfill the backup role of almost any strategy anyone recommends you: They’re a flying type, and they have Swarm.

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Thank you all for the info! Going to give it a go!


wow-petguide dot com this is the best battle pet guide site to date

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I see someone mentioned Voodoo Figurine. I have an extra one, and can give it to you.