New title added for healing RSS

And Longboi mount!



My God, at least raise it to Duelist and add a cool customizable ground mound with it. Or make it so a healer with the title can attach a gurney to their mount that their team could ride on. I’m not even creative, I’m just spitballing here.


While not a long-term fix it is a good addition, I think. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:


I’m sure this will get healers back into shuffle.

Blizzard still flailing about adding junk like this instead of actual incentives, let alone addressing the root causes of the healer shortage in RSS.

It’s been, what, 6-9 months since they said they were looking into the problem?


It’s the easiest one to add.

I remember when a dev wanted to make more stuff for PvP, but he wasn’t given adequate resources, so he could only make like 2 arenas for the new expansion.

Blizzard can’t even spare an artist to make a healer-only mount. It’s sad.

1800+ shuffle healer here. Couldn’t care less about this title.

It’s laughable how out of touch they are with PvP.

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I don’t care about this title either. I was hoping they’d remove solo shuffle and focus on solo BG’s

It will take care of itself if they don’t intervene. There will be even less healers in shuffle, meaning the CR will be even harder to gain compared to dps. As it further deflates, more healers leave and put shuffle into death spiral.

Save this post. Without healer changes, shuffle dies 11.0.


Those new motorcycles should of been PvP healer ground mounts instead of trading post fodder. Would of been badass.


Ugh… Trading Post has higher priority than healers in RSS.



Standard operating procedure for blizzard it seems. Time and time again great ideas and suggestions are put forth by the community but Blizz always feels the need to come up with their own ideas or only meet halfway. Is it limited feedback sources? Inadequate resources? Hubris? I’m not sure.

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BATTLE MENDER??? REALLY? Are you serious? Is this a reward for hunters who press mend pet??? This is like a massive F U to all the people that have been crying about healer shortage and mmr issues for 6 months.

How about we just fix our MMR instead of giving us a shietyy title that sounds like a Battle Pet Reward for mending all your pets.


I’m a healer in the 1175 to 1325 range and I heal a lot. If this change goes live as is, I’m switching to DPS.

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This is such an insulting reward.

Why would anyone want it, and why does anyone think this will make people want to queue heals?

I don’t know a perfect solution, but I know this is not even a good one.


Yea the 1800 requirement excludes a bunch of people. We need healers at all ratings

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lol wtf fix mmr blizz

Kind of insulting to healers that Blizz thinks they’d be stupid enough to be incentivized by this.


This won’t make me play more I desperately want 1800 but am never going to achieve it if I don’t get it by snail mount then I’m out.

the patient is the best title already.