New thoughts of M+ Dungeon


It’s so boring to play the same M+ dungeon every week. Can we have some coooool design based on current affixes?
I have think about some way to make it fun but I’m sure someone will say I’m crazy. Let’s share.
1 - Put all the bosses and adds in a pool of M+, when you insert your keystone, system will pick up the bosses and adds from the pool.

2 - Make the dungeon map as scene. Players can choose the scene or make it random. The loot will only be related to the scene. If players choose random scene, they may get a bonus when they upgrade the keystone sucessfully.

3 - Let player choose the any level of keystone (no higher than the key they have). For example, if someone has a +15 keystone, they can choose 2-15 as they wish. But if he failed to upgrade the +15, the keystone will have a CD.

Do you guys think it will be more interesting?


This is probably the most boring version of wow I have ever played.

Those are some good ideas. I have a few extra to add. :slight_smile:

-Random NPC placements
-Random NPC combinations
-Random NPC abilities
-Random patrol paths
-Very fast random patrols
-Random trap placement (environmental damage)
-All wow dungeons scaled to 120 mythic difficulty

A Black Rock depths mythic dunegon on a timer with fast moving packs of fire dogs that jump at you and explode. :slight_smile:

(Holymonky) #3

Gotta disagree with you friend, that level of randomness would just make things extremely frustrating, it would feel like the success of the group is too heavily dependent on RNG and not so much in mastering and perfecting your strategy and coordination.

For casual content (like islands) then sure, make it all random, but when comes to challenging content I much rather deal with mechanics that are difficult because they require precise execution or great coordination from the group over things that are “difficult” just because of randomness.

Yeah, pretty sure Blizzard tryed a similar version of that idea in Temple of Sethralis with the lightning orbs you need to dodge, and turns out people just found it annoying and complained until it was nerfed (made slower/easier) so I don’t think that idea would be well received.


If the majority of the player base just wants loot, I have a solution for that too. The world questing system works great for that. You can make it fun and enjoyable for almost everyone. World quest designed for groups, raids and solo. For the hardcore, turn on PVP to get that adrenaline rush. Leave PVP off for a smooth, relaxing and immersive experience.

Raids and dungeons should not be about loot.

The main problem with variable reward schedules is that it alters peoples state of mind. People will take the path of least resistance all the time. The random loot reward system amplifys this. The more the resistance, the more “annoying” it becomes to get your loot.

(Holymonky) #5

Wow… haha totally disagree again, I am firm believer that the best loot should only come from the hardest content.

Players doing the hardest content in the game already do it because it’s enjoyable not because of loot, but that doesn’t mean that separating the best loot from the hardest content is a good design, feeling rewarded from your efforts and achievements is part of the enjoyment of the game.


No one told me that!

Here I’ve given three years of my life to WoW, doing dungeons and raiding, specifically for loot.

Granted I enjoy the content, the challenge, seeing new things, and so on, if it didn’t give me a chance at upgrading my gear, I almost certainly would not do it.

I would however, still do it if it were not challenging, not something new, and so on, if it gave me a chance at upgrading my gear.

So in a way, the loot is still the primary motivator for me.


It probably is for most people.

The numbers keep increasing but, in the long run, they’ll be squished again.

Season 2 has people running on a hamster wheel wrestling with the probability boss to acquire the same item they already have. Same dungeon, same item, higher numbers.

I’m sorry but, I don’t see how this can motivate anyone to continue to play this game.


WoW endgame in general needs way LESS randomness both in content and gearing strategy, NOT more