*NEW TBC Bloodsail Buccaneers Server Discord

okay lets go

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What’s wrong with the other one?

Ychinso got banned from the current one so that’s probably why


Surprise. Act like a fool, you get kicked from the server discord.


LMAO comedy writes itself


Imagine plagiarizing the previous server discord post word for word because you got kicked out of the previous one. Man you got way too much time and spite on your hands. Go outside and get some fresh air.


I’m an active user of this discord–it’s very easy to find PUG’s, PVP, or just meme. Great group of people. All are welcome!

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This is maximum COPE

Horde Factions players wanted! we are a faction neutral discord! join and form your own PUGs!

Drama free, it starts with me

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I was here.

Discord that makes claims of free speech, but when you question the admin’s actions, he mutes people when he’s unable to defend himself, and mutes anyone that questions it. Deletes the whole conversation once everyone has been muted.

Lots of stifling voices and censorship for someone that tried to claim their discord was all about free speech and transparency.

In response to my opinion on how this server is operated, I’d like to report that my ability to communicate there has been further suppressed.

I’ve been threatened with further permanent silencing unless I remove my post above.

Edit: Figure we gotta be open and transparent on a server that’s all about transparency, right?

Update: tried to have an honest conversation about the way the server was ran, and have been banned.

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(post deleted by author)

Trolling, yes. Although why you needed me to blatantly say that is surprising, should have been obvious in every conversation we’ve had since TBC launch.

Spew hate? Didn’t do that in the slightest, and definitely didn’t say anything implying that was my intention at all. Please stop the slanderous snide remarks.

(And I mean, also stop feeding the trolls.)