New Tabard for Current Season Now Available

Today, we’ve added a tabard to Wrath Classic for Deadly Gladiators. This will be only purchasable during Arena Season 5 (the now current season).

You’ll find it on all three of the expected vendors: Nargle Lashcord (Dalaran), Kezzik the Striker (Area 52), and Argex Irongut (Gadgetzan). It costs 550 Arena Points and requires an Arena Rating of 2300 in any Arena team-size bracket.

Good luck becoming deadly, gladiators!


In before people whine about RDF.


Lower deadly arena rating requirements and remove hateful rating requirements on gear.


If you want to spur arena participation you should add the missing tier 2 arena weapon that is on par with KT weapons.

Lmao noooooo. 1800 is not hard to get.

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I am so not going for that. It is bad luck to wish luck.

In your attempt to mock RDF, you are still the one who initiated it. Do you feel proud?


i mean if you want to talk about it then yeah sure i say we need to add LFD

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I agree – add LFD/RDF to LKClassic


Not the point.

Spending the time to save arena points and get gear should be the norm, rating should only be used for titles and cosmetics and faster gear through more arena points per week.

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That’s what’s up. We disagree.

I am glad you support RDF. I support it too. It should be added.

What about the insane amount of bugs in the game?

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They have too! That 1350 rating for hateful shoulders is borderline impossible!

Lmao :joy:. You’re right. 1350?! However will I get there?!

2000 is easy.

Still not the point.

That’s pretty cool. Seems like a decent incentive to get people more active in arenas. I’ve heard from a few different places that it’s lacking at the moment.

Edit: Let the record show that after 16 replies to the thread, I’m the only one to actually make a post on topic. :rofl: Once again, I’m reminded why Blizzard representatives have been increasingly absent from places where they communicate with us, including and especially these forums.

Yeah add tabards instead of fixing the ever growing list of huge bugs in the game. add tabards instead of addressing the thousands of bots online every day nonstop in every aspect of the game. cool. thanks for the tabard for the .02% of people who get it

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Thanks for bringing that up. Always glad to see RDF at the forefront of every discussion.

Lowering rating reqs will get more casual pvpers into arenas, having the desired effect of boosting arena participation. (Which I am assuming is the point of adding this tabard?)