New Shadow Priest question

BIQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAkQikcAAAAAAAAAAAAAgEaRkIlgkEJJJCSjkkEpRQCCpItQSAIB is my current talent build, only 411ilvl and just got 2piece bonus. I don’t really understand what I’m supposed to be focusing starting out. Is my main damage going to just be from Psychic Link damage by spreading out DOTs, Dark Ascension, and Mind Blasts while Mind Flayer is up? Or is there some other phase I need to try to focus on doing well?

Drop shadow fast, they’re getting nerfed in 10.2 and you’ll be middle of the road at best.


I’m fine with that. I’m bad enough that “tier” makes no difference, and have always just liked the look of shadowform since wow first released. Wanted to learn it now that I’m playing again.

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Do yourself a favor a take a once over on this. The guy that does everything is basically an old god.