New servers?

Some of these servers are PACKED already. We are looking at multiple layers or crazy queue times.

Any chance we will see new servers in some of these regions?

I am curious as to how we know some of the servers are packed. Sure we can take guesses on what servers have more people but I am not seeing anything but new under the population portion of the server. So how do we know what is packed and what is not? Also, what is considered packed? 5k, 10k, 20k?


Your post is not factually founded at this point.

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We just hit over 25k on Jom alone.

Oh what? Discord? That doesnt necessarily mean all these people will play until endgame and always be on concurrently.

discord has less than 5k on Jom

Not on Discord. This is the amount of reserved names. Just topped 25k yesterday.

It don’t matter. None of this matters.

I’m not doubting you, but where do you go to view that information?

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Please enlighten us as to how you’re seeing 25k names reserved…

I am privy to some information. All I am going to say.

Ask a CM to confirm it.

So my question is. If the servers are already overpopulated before we even launched. Are we getting any additional servers prior to launch?

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Why don’t you ask your secret source lol

Blizzard has said that if there is a need to do so, they will open new servers. Most likely they are doing some layering to help with this. We don’t want dead servers, so if your concern is a queue and overpopulation…consider that a blessing and it’ll die off about 4 weeks after launch. Then, at least, you’re on a populated server. Else, guess what? roll somewhere else.

For your magic source, go and ask them since you’re basically trying to say you know someone that maybe ‘finagled’ their way around the API checking for players who are level 0 or something to that effect.

Not associated with this decision.

Things that never happened for 1000, Alex.


ok at first I said not doubting you, now totally doubting you.


is that copium for dead servers?

no, just layer, we all know in 2-3 weeks many aren’t gonna continue on. look at TBC there is waaay too many servers and 90% of them are dead AF

That’s the first mistake. Thinking that SoM is the same player-base and will have the same drop off.

12 months. More dedicated player-base. Better game.

SoM will have the lowest drop off rate than any point in WoW’s history.