New Rise of Azshara Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

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She was always evil and villainy. She just waited her time to control the horde and do all this.


Yeah. I know that what they used to say when ghost crawler who was in charge. Guess what he no longer here. The current leader barely follows books anymore. Thus, canon goes out of the window when new management comes in.
That the part most also misses among many things. What the writers of book want. Most of the time is not what the devs want. If people bother and pay attention to quest and open dialog. The story mostly made sense. Up till they did u turn in patch 8.1. Now horde side a mess.

Then we go on to ignoring how some stuff happens in the book and is the total opposite in the game. If it canon then why did they deviate from the book?

Sorry, using iPad to type sucks. If grammar or spelling off. Too hard to correct it.


Great cinematic, very fun. However, we are supposed to believe that mastermind Sylvanas sent a few undead NPCs to kill Thrall, one of the strongest characters in the WoW franchise? Even if Sylvanas and Nathanos had shown up, personally, they would have trouble killing Thrall.

Great art though and I liked the stealth animation. Still, the writing leaves me wanting.

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Cinematic was pretty, but somehow managed to make the story worse.

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What happens in 3 days?

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Sub is up and wont be back.

Voted with my wallet.


Noooooooo…didn’t you hear…we’re doing morally grey this season :wink:

Once again the art team doing brilliant work…Devs and writers, still not talking to you.


Sylv probably sent them to keep an eye on Thrall, which is good intelligence gathering imo. When they saw Saurfang and Thrall together is when they attacked.


We already got the best Genn cinematic.


Sylv to Anduin “Silence your dog”
Genn starts to speak, Anduin holds up his hand to silence Genn…

Totally awesome ^.^


he seems depressed, maybe he will challenge sylvanas to a Mak’gora and lose ?


The cinematic was kind of a ripoff (maybe too strong of a word) of the movie Gladiator. Maximus is done being a war hero/leader, just wants to retire and farm the land and be w his fam. Visually similar as well with the hand brushing the wheat…

However, dont get me wrong, loved the cinematic, looked absolutely awesome. =]


Manduin cant even lead the Alliance. The Nelfs are off doing their own thing and Genn just seems to do what he wants. Manduin isnt leading, hes just along for the ride. No one has any reason to respect him yet.

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Thrall: /upgrades from hammer to axe

BRING ME naTHANOS” intensifies

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Time for Thrall to become the default Warchief. Here is to hoping he doesn’t screw it up like he did back in Cataclsym, where this trend of bad or non-existent Warchiefs began.

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It’s the third in a series. Start here:

Later Saurfang is exiled, and captured by Stormwind. We switch perspectives to Anduin, in the Alliance-spotlight cinematic:

The current cinematic is the sequel to that. That’s what it has to do with BFA.


Sorry, I do not want thrall, Suarfang, Baine or blood elf to lead the horde. Make it basic campfire if need a leader. I do not and will not accept a traitor to serve as a leader. Yes, they are traitors. They have all in one way or anther killed horde people. Who had nothing to do with the current leader?


Well so did sylvanas. Ironically her horde death toll is much higher than all of the others put together. So no one know’s what you’re on about. Plus she’s an old god puppet.

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Off-topic, but if you want another little bitty touch of The Metzen, play an Alliance character through The Pride of Kul Tiras storyline.

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Agree 100%. Whatever flaws Blizzard has, the Cinematic and art teams are not part of that.

(Ganrel) #494

In my eyes, Sylvanas and the Forsaken are the real traitors. You’re the ones who dragged the rest of the Horde into another unwanted war in the first place. Your tyrant and your obsession with her is dragging the rest of us all the way down.

I’d prefer if you left the Horde altogether. You never belonged.