New Rise of Azshara Cinematic: “Safe Haven”

(Kaivax) #1

(Braniel) #2

Man those graphics. Looks like the movie.


Cinematic team has been on fire all expansion.


Feels weird seeing cinimatic stealth function exactly like Gameplay Stealth. Looks like they have their own Starcraft Cloaking Devices.

Other than that, good stuff. top notch wheat graphics.


“I didn’t ask” - WARCHIEF SAURFANG

Oh boy!!!

Thrall “This is MY CITY SYLVANAS!!!”


(Baridorielor) #6

It looks okay.

No offense, but why the Pre-Rendered Cinematics this expansion got the most amount of love, focus, and budget while the other areas of the game suffered?

(Melaroi) #7

Neat, looks like I picked the right time to visit today.

(Verminard) #8

Man these cinematics are some of the best parts of WoW.

Keep up the great work!

(Ranthae) #9

Something about that Rogue attack felt weirdly staged.
So Saurfang followed them to the location, indicating they likely got their first, and instead of either blitzing Thrall first thing or just waiting until Both were distracted or tired, they decide to launch an attack while both were able to fight.
Either Sylvanas needs to submit all of her assassins to mandatory retraining, or someone is trying to stir the pot by getting Thrall back in.

Question on new Cinematic? (Spoiler)
(Nopantees) #10

Too bad they ( blizzard) puts more time in a 4 min movie then all of bfa

And so green jesus is going to save the horde…
Yea no one saw this coming…hopefully he gets put down…

(Sairadoka) #11

Not for nothing, but weren’t we also due a Genn cinematic?

How have we got the Saurfang and the Thrall cinematic, neither of which announced, before the Genn cinematic?

(Bipzi) #12

Could be both.

With that said, while I don’t like Thrall that much because he abandoned the Horde and betrayed the Gobbo PC… Sylvie sending assassins after him (even if G rank ones) is an attack on the WC3/Vanilla Horde itself. I won’t stand for that.

Sylvie just needs to die now.

(Krissignacia) #13

the whole thing was baller and seeing Rogue stealth work is awesome as well


As a writer YEAH, finally nice to see how the Rogue stealth would work in world.

(Ðoomaxe) #15

First cinematic with Thrall I believe. About damn time. He looks so unheroic. Farming life doe not work for him. And he said his family is close, does that mean dead? Maybe their graves are close by? And it looks like he’s in Outland with the floating land and Oshu’gun in the background.

I would think that Sylvanas would think Thrall more of a threat then to send only two assassins. And with Saurfang there you would think they would need even more. Sylvanas is dropping the ball if she thinks two assassins could do it.

(Starlagosa) #16

Excellent cinematic!
Hate what you’ve done to the Horde, though.
You had a chance to give us a great leader in Sylvanas but instead you turned her into an evil villain only to make the Horde divided against itself.

(Juuhachigou) #17

Hey look another cinematic trailer trying to ruin Sylvanas. Sorry Blizz, I still stand by my warchief. Death to all who oppose us! Victory for Sylvanas.

Besides it doesn’t even make sense that Saurfang was “following” these rogues. If he was following them why did he casually get to the scene. Why didnt the rogues attack when Thrall was alone and before Saurfang arrived.

(Torvald) #18

Burning question Horde players want to know:

Are we getting Thrall back? Or are we getting “Go’el” ?